Happy an English class were the writing was

Happy an English class were the writing was

Happy DayEnglish 101, a class of contemporary and complete thought driven writing has been quite the experience and a very educational course.

There were many papers that we wrote in class that truly racked my brain. I came from an English class were the writing was very structured and extremely analytical. The writing that we did in class was rather different. English 101 was the first writing course that I have taken were the writing is completely up to me, and that was hard. It was hard to the aspect that I didnt know who to write the paper but rather how to structure it.

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That was my single biggest struggle in the course. I hate to say it, but the particular writing that we did in class didnt really have any impact on any improvement that I may have made. I like the aspect of free writing, but because it was free writing it leaves a lot of room organizational errors, which is a huge problem for me. The writing did however give me a chance to try different styles and in some ways express myself in many ways. However, the course was also filled with interesting topics.My favorite assignment would have to have been the research paper that I did on Binge Drinking. The research gave me an insightful view into an aspect of life that we witness quite regularly on campus.

Another reason I enjoyed the research paper was because it was more structured. The paper gave me a chance to use a skill that I am comfortable and in a lot of ways good at using. The paper used a style of concrete detail supported by commentary or opinionated details which is the style that I am comfortable with using. This course and your teaching style were by no means dull at all. I would have to say that your demeanor and personality made the class enjoyable to attend. From our early morning role call questions to our senseless discussion on abstract topics everyday entailed a new journey into the epic saga that was our 9:00 English 101 class. When thought about, we all learned something everyday and did not realize we were doing it.

Your teaching style is one to hang on to and continue to use. I would have to say you made English class fun.The one drab or down fall of the class was the discussion of There Eyes Are Watching God, which was a good book but didnt really fit into the curriculum. We spent the whole semester writing papers of different style and life and then a novel was thrown into the mix. It didnt make a whole lot of sense to me, but I am sure there was some motive behind the madness that was There Eyes Are Watching God.

All in all I felt the class was awesome. I learned a lot about my self, about life, and about writing. Whither I improved or not, leaning what I did about my self and meeting many new people in a small environment was a life long memory that I shall never forget.

Thank you and good luck in the future.

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