Nowadays, in this globalization era, internet becomes a most important things to all people in this world because it is more easy to search information, contact with friend, know all about news, easy to explain everything become easy because internet can be use only by using their finger so it easier by them for using it all the time. Everything in this world almost use internet, but certain people in this world abuse of the facility and sometimes a certain people become addicted to internet. if you use internet correctly you will get a benefits of using internet. Besides, in this modernization world the teenagers usually use the internet for unuseful act like watching pornographic, violent video games and social media by using their smartphone, computer or laptop. This is one of the reason why people who are always using internet by searching and watching unuseful video. Therefore three causes of internet addiction will be discussed which are, social causes, variety activities on the internet, and depression

Firstly, causes of internet addiction is, social causes some people become addicted to the internet because of social connections, people nowadays almost have a relationship and always contact each other by using internet through whatsapp, facebook, or anything application have in this world because of that people has been addicted to the internet, many people have relationship but certain people become addicted to the internet because of that they use internet to contact each other. The long distance relationship usually they use internet for contact each other, this is one of easy way to keep in touch and that why they has been addicted to the internet. Sometimes internet is good for them when they use wisely. Some people receive advice from internet or some applications for relax their mind. But when a person has many close online friends and no one to count on in the real world, problems can develop. The effect of social causes is when someone addicted to the internet is lack of sleep caused they just use internet by phone or computer, this effect will affected to our health and will get eye damage.

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Secondly, causes of internet addiction is, variety activities on internet many useful things to use in the internet but not at all is beneficial in internet. Many causes that people today become addicted to the internet as an example of addicted to pornographic, online games, gambling, shopping or anything else. As a result they will waste their time because they always spend their time with internet. For example Michigan State University’s Olin Health Centre reported in 2006 that 18.5 percent of students admitted their academic performance suffered because of excessive Internet use. Because of addicted to the internet students will not pay attention to their studies. Furthermore the students will ignore their studies and keep playing games or so on till they lack of sleep, when they lack of sleep that is not good for brain. They will sleepy in class. For example, Internet overuse can lead to sedentary lifestyles, weight gain and a decline in physical fitness. Other symptoms can include carpal tunnel syndrome, dry eyes, migraine headaches, a decline in personal hygiene and back aches, according to Maressa Hecht, founder of Computer Addiction Services and a member of the Harvard Medical School.

Last but not least, causes of internet addiction is depression in some cases people become addicted to the internet because of depression, just a certain people depressed turn to drug or alcohol, a lot of fun experiences that help someone in depression become happy they will use internet to their self to be happy they will search anything what can give happiness to them. When a depressed person turns to the Internet to socialize, I’m not at all surprised that they use it for social interaction in chat rooms and on social networking websites. People who are depressed do not want to socialize, but the Internet makes it so much easier to do it. It may make a depressed individual feel more “connected” and help them make it happy through every day with their depression. For example, a wife not getting her emotional needs met by her husband, may hop online and find friendly sites with people willing to talk. Each time she has an issue with her husband have someone positives to getting in online. This reinforces the addiction Internet can have on someone. Actually this is not a great way to use the internet if not using the internet properly it will give worse effect to internet users. People in depression must be guide. We should not to ignore then because they need a listener to listen about the problem or the stories. For example, A study published in the “Archives of Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine” found depression, as well as ADHD and social phobia, to increase the chances of excessive Internet use in adolescents.

The conclusion of all this topic, we as a user internet in this world should know how to use internet correctly because if use internet wrongly it will give a worse effect to user. Other than drug or alcohol addiction, internet addiction is also danger to those who are addicted, as a user we must avoid the causes that will give someone addicted to internet such as, social causes, variety activities in the internet and depression this causes also make someone has been addicted, internet addiction also can give effect to human health like eye damage, obesity, body fitness or anything else because when someone who are addicted will spend their time with internet than spend their time with family or exercise. If use internet correctly you will get a benefits of using internet


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