Nowadays, smartphones significantly impact the life of the people in so many ways. Similarly, these smartphones not only offers some features that a personal computer could have it, but they also provide a very high level of entertainment. The smartphones technology today really different in the old days. Before, people are only using radio, landline, and paper writing to communicate in other location or to their family, relatives, friends, and loved ones. And, now the smartphones they have now taken the world a lot of people could not imagine what life they are now living. Smartphones could either be used as a beneficial factor or it can result in bad habits. It can help us to connect with our loved ones, friends, and workmates through text, call, and social media. Unfortunately, people abuse the use of smartphones. People are using smartphones most of the time that they are unable to successfully accomplish or finish the required task given to us. In addition, it creates poor communication towards our family, friend, and relatives.
However, then there are also a negatively impact using smartphone technology that can create harmfully habits flow-on affect our health and also the relationship with one another. Besides, people cannot successfully accomplish or finish on what they are doing because of the negative impact of the smartphones and can also affect to damage our eyes for too much use. In addition, people addictive impulse to check their phone every multiple time a day, to check the notification from social media and email that can encourage you to check our phones in every multiple time that we forgot the face-to-face communication.


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