Not every child will grow up to be a computer guru

Not every child will grow up to be a computer guru

Not every child will grow up to be a computer guru, but each can benefit from learning that coding literacy is the future. I have always had the passion to learn more on technology since I was in junior school and the urge to learn more about computer programming grew gradually as time went by. During my high school years, my computer teacher realized that I had the drive and enthusiasm to encounter different challenges in coding and computational activities. I was still young at that time but he did not hesitate to introduce me to what we call coding. Coding is a computer language used to develop websites, applications, and software. I have always liked to take on different challenges, but I think this one, in particular, was a major turning point.

My computer teacher Professor Ronald, who in this case is my sponsor, taught me that people who know how to code will be able in future to communicate across countries and continents. This will enable them to solve problems more efficiently and with no barriers to their success. I learned that programming would help children solve day-to-day problems at a tender age and in the long-run set up a lifetime of opportunities. Most people these days will see programming or computer coding as a very technical activity that is only attractive to the minority of the population. In reality, coding has become a new type of literacy. It is a skill that is very unique and useful in today’ life, putting in mind that we now live in a digital world. People will acquire the basic knowledge of programming to make it easy for them to use a smartphone or private computer, but there is more to learning computer
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programming other than these few basic needs. Many schools across the world have started to include
computer programs in their curriculum to teach children the basic knowledge in this field of technology. Kids will feel more successful if they learn how to get a computer to do what they tell it to do. Programming literacy will build a solid foundation to set up children for a lifetime of successful achievements and management of technology in their daily activities. I used the programming knowledge that I learned from Professor Ronald to identify and solve problems via coding.

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Computational thinking is the ability to communicate your ideas in a structured and logical way. It is also a process of solving problems in a methodical way that can be duplicated by a computer program. Computational thinking helped me to identify a problem and break it down into single action steps. I handled each step in the most efficient way possible. This type of thinking helped me move from a specific solution to a specific problem and generalize it to other situations. I was able to see vividly how the real world works.

Children have creative minds that allow them to think outside the box. Learning how to solve problems through coding can inspire kids to grow intellectually and embracing their full potential. Every idea usually has a logical beginning, progression and ending to it. The current generation will need to be literate in technology to be competitive in the future job market. It will reach a point where lacking the knowledge on how to code will be compared to not knowing how to read. Currently, most jobs require employees to have basic IT skills. After finishing high school, I enrolled in a two-year coding program that I was referred to by Professor Ronald and up to date, we are working hand in hand to develop software applications for commercial purposes.

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Just like learning how to ride a bike, learning how to code is much easier when you are young. Children have the capability to learn basic computer knowledge at a very tender age. Learning how to code is getting easier as different types of software are being invented to keep kids interested and excited about computer programming. There are free online tutorials on YouTube that are very resourceful in helping kids acquire basic computer skills. The only requirement is to have a computer that is internet connected. Children will not have to spend hours studying the specifics of coding. Instead, they can use games and applications to teach them the basics. Professor Ronald and I are working tirelessly to come up with software applications that will make it easy for kids to learn different programming languages.

The benefit of learning computer programming at a young age is to gain an advantage in critical thinking and easier communication of ideas. Coding skills will help children to be innovative which in turn will be translated into nearly any profession. From scientists to musicians, being able to program an idea and bring life to it in terms of computer applications will pave way for greater success in life. When children are introduced to coding, they gain appreciation on how digital technology works. Digital technology has become a big part of our children lives, as they are surrounded by video games, and video entertainment. Just like learning chemistry or biology, it is important for kids to understand the building blocks of an integral part of their life. It is crystal clear that not every child will grow up to be a computer guru, but each can benefit from learning that coding literacy is the future.


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