I thought the field trip

I thought the field trip

I thought the field trip to Mother Bethel Methodist EpiscopalChurch was a great experience. I enjoyed it a lot, infact, Iam thinking about revisiting the church again. There were a lotof very interesting things about the church.

For example, I didnot know that Mother Bethel Methodist Church had so much historyand significant facts that I needed to know. One fact that I didnot know about is that Mother Bethel is the first AfricanMethodist Episcopal Church in America. I think that is amazingconsidering the fact that back then, blacks were limited toAnother fact that I learned was that Mother Bethel wasthe cite for the first national covention of Black peoplein the United States organized by Richard Allen.

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I also learned Mother Bethel was a station of the UndergroundRailroad during the 1800s. I was glad to learn about these interesting and historic facts because it is animportant part of Black History. Unfortunately, I wasnot able to stay after service for a tour of the museum.That’s why I do attend to go back to Mother Bethel Churchto hear a another great message and learn more interesting facts and history about Mother Bethel.Bibliography:

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