niversal Health Coverage

niversal Health Coverage

niversal Health Coverage(UHC) is defined as access to the quality health service with out the risk of financial hardships or without being pushed to extreme poverty due to catastrophic health expenditure. Even if, the system design to provide universal access to the quality health service, it also has significant effect in poverty reduction and increasing social stability.
Beside the pressure from High prevalence of disease in Africa the other reason for investing in UHC is a moral one: it is not acceptable that some members of society should face death, disability, ill health or impoverishment for reasons that could be addressed at limited cost.
Accepting and integration of UHC in the national policy level is not enough, the national polices should be translated in to the ground. still Africa is facing challenge in despite of the national UHC police, with regard to health insurance and financial protection, mobilizing internal resource and quality health service delivery.
There is no single fit model to achieving universal health coverage in Africa. All policies and strategies should consider each country local conditions. Even though , Africa is highly diversified continent most of problems are common for all countries. Africa should work on the basements of universal health coverage temple. such as peace, good governance and health financing. In addition, Africa should also give attention on strengthening the pillars of UHC temple such as Health information, health human resource, medical products(health technologies) and service delivery.

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