A to Ijero from Ipoti every Sunday

A to Ijero from Ipoti every Sunday

A BRIEF HISTORY OF CHURCHES IN IPOTI ARCHDEACONRY OUR SAVIOUR’S ANGLICAN CHURCH, IPOTI – EKITI According to the history of Christianity in Nigeria, Christianity in Ipoti-Ekiti can be traced to the one that started in Badagry in 1842. It came late to Ekiti land because of Kiriji war and Ekiti Parapo war which ranged from 1877 to 1893. Hence Christianity began in Ekiti in 1893. Among those who planted Christianity in Ijero area was Pa Ogunleye who was a native of Ipoti.

He was the one sent by Madam Helena Fatiregun Doherty from Lagos to Ijero, but Pa Ogunleye did not make influence on the Christianity in Ipoti.Christianity in Ipoti started in 1897 through a man named Samson Ajayi Ogbon Edun who was a native of Ipoti. This man got the light of Christianity through Pa Emmanuel Adeleye (Ajagbani) the then Baba Egbe Ijo of CMS Ijero. At this time Pa Samson Ajayi Ogbon Edun had a sister who was the wife of Pa Emmanuel Adeleye. This intimacy made him to learn ABD every Sunday and he later incorporated his friend Pa Moses Ayibiowu. Thus the duo Pa Samson Ajayi and Pa Moses Ajibiowu would go to Ijero from Ipoti every Sunday to worship and to learn ABD.Soon, Pa Samson Ajayi Ogbon Edun and Pa Moses Ayibiowu started the work of the gospel in Ipoti and the following were the first converts: Samuel Aborisade, Pa Adirabata, Ayeni Gbekede, Ogungbangbe, David Aina Eleyinkebi, Joshua Obebe Jemirifo, Peter Omileye, David Agbejobi, Joseph Obebe, Ogunjobi Ojo, Awoniyi Awe Poun and others.

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After this convertion, Mr Olulode who was the Catechist in Ijero came to Ipoti to introduce the new converts to the Kabiyesi Olupoti, Oba Adesoye and his Chiefs. It was at this meeting that mr.Olulode asked the Kabiyesi to donate a portion of land for the commencement of church in Ipoti.

The family of Odofin Eleyin Apon was asked to give the land since the first converts came from the family. Hence, the present Our Saviour’s Anglican Church compound was given to CMS. From 1897, a number of church workers had worked in Our Saviour’s Anglican Church, Ipoti. THE LIST OF CHURCH WORKERS 1. Mr.

J. A Odaliki -1915 – 1920 2. Mr. S.

O. Kolawole-1921 – 1923 3. Mr.

H. F. Akanbi-1924 – 1926 4.

Mr. P. A. Jaiyesimi-1928 – 1931 5.

Mr. S. A. Akintoye-1932 – 1933 6. Mr. J. B.

Falusi-1934 – 1935 7. Mr. J.

T. Akerele -1935 – 1936 8. Mr. S. A. Omotuyi-1936 – 1944 9. Mr.

E. O. Olayemi-1944 – 1947 10.

Mr. J. F. Ogunleye-1948 – 1949 11. Mr.

J. O. Awe -1949 – 1950 12. Mr. J. O. Igbari -1951 – 1954 13.

Mr. I. A.

Falodun-1955 – 1966 14. Rev. E. A. Ogundipe-1966 – 1968 (The first Vicar) 15. Rev. I.

A. Arannilewa-1968 – 1973 16. Rev. J. A. Kowosi-1974 – 1976 17.

Rev. S. A. Awosusi-1976 – 1983 18.

Rev. J. O. Jayeoba-1983 – 1989 19.

Rev. P. A. Fasanmade-1989 – 1992 20. Rev.

E. B. Aladeniwa-1992 – 1996 21.

Rev. E. O.

Oniosun-1996 – 1997 22. Rev. A. O.

Ayodele-1997 – 1999 23. Rev. A.

O. Ajayi-1999 – 2001 24. Ven.

E. T. Asaolu-2001 – 2007 25. Ven. J. O. Ogundare-2007 – Jan.

15th, 2010 26. Ven. J. O.

Olaosebikan-15th Jan. 2010 – Dec. 26th, 2010 27. Ven. V.

O. Akintoye-Dec. 27th 2010 – Date The church rose to a parish level in the year 1966 when the first vicar was posted there in person of Rev.

E. A. Ogundipe. In the year 2001, the church became an Archdeaconry Headquarter with Ven.

E. T. Asaolu as the first archdeacon.

ST. JAMES’ ANGLICAN CHURCH, ILORO – EKITI Christianity was introduced to Iloro-Ekiti by Pa Samuel Adeluka Aje in 1906.He went to Ibadan to learn carpentry, thereafter he went to Lagos where he was baptized and returned with some people among whom were: Pa Adeosun (the first layreader of the church), Pa James Ogunleye, Pa Emmanuel Popoola, Pa Olosunde and Pa Adeosun (the father of the 3rc Baba Egbe). This group settled at Ile Oju Ogun where they built their 1st thatch-roof church. Later other converts joined them, among whom were: Pa Adeogun who later broke away to found African church Idofin, Iloro, Daniel Ogundele, Pa Akinbode and others.

The foundation of the present church was laid in 1981 and dedicated in 2004.LIST OF CHURCH WORKERS 1. Mr.

Oye 2. Mr. John Ajayi 3. Mr. Olaniyan 4. Mr. Olusanmokun 5.

Mr. Williams 6. Rev. A Amoo Elegbede-1974 – 1981 7.

Rev. S. K. Adeloye-1981 – 1982 8. Rev.

J. J. Aledare-1982 – 1987 9. Rev. Canon S. A Fatuase -1987 – 1988 10.

Rev. S. Yemi Oke -1988 – 1994 11. Rev. S. A Awosusi-1994 – 1996 12.

Rev. A. B. S Jegede-1996 – 2002 13. Rev. Canon J.

A. O. Ajayi-2002 – 2003 14. Rev. Canon Mike O Oguntuase -2003 – 2007 15.

Rev. Canon T. o. Akinyemi-2007 – 2009 16. Rev. Canon V.

O. Akintoye-2009 – 2010 17. Rev. canon S. K. O.

B Akinola-2010 – Date ST. JOHN’S ANGLICAN CHURCH, AYEGUNLE-EKITIChristianity was introduced to Ayegunle ny Pa Abraham Adeogun in the year 1897. He was supported by some people who had embraced Christianity from their places of work. Some of this people were: D. F. Inadagbo, Pa J. R.

Ayegbusi, Elijah Oke, Jonathan Abe, Jacob Usikalu, Isaiah Aderaku Omikunle and Emmanuel Aladelokun Bankole. Other converts who joined them were Samuel Omoobe, Amos Adeoye, Daniel idibon, Josiah Ogunleye, Ologun Ele, Abigail Aderibise, Gabriel Adalumo, Johusa Alaka, Jacob Egbede Ajayi. In the beginning Christians were faced with persecution and were going to Ijero to worship.In 1900 the first church was built, the present church is the 3rd site. THE LIST OF CHURCH WORKERS The first Catechist was posted in 1929 by name Mr. S.

O. Daramola and the last Catechist was Mr. Ogunode, Later Rev. Ogunode. The first vicar was Rev.

Fasanmade (2) Rev. Adesoye (3) Rev. J. Oladipo Atowoju (4) Rev. Z Oso Ogunlusi (5) Rev. Samuel Owolabi Ogunbiyi (6) Rev. Ayeni (7) Rev.

S. A. Adeyanju (8) Rev. J. O.

Bolorunkopani (9) Canon S. A. Awosusi (10) Rev. J. B. Osadua (11) Rev.

J. A. Aluko (12) Rev Canon M. O. Ogunniyi (13) Rev. J.

O. Agbaje till date. ST. PAUL’S ANGLICAN CHURCH, IROKO – EKITIChristianity was introduced to Iroko by Chief David Aina. He was baptized in 1903 and managed the church as church Agent from 1903 to 1918. One of the early convert, Chief Aladekomo gave his house for church worship.

Women were not in attendance of the church at the beginning hence, Chief Ojo Alugbe and Mr. Daniel dada took it upon themselves to tidy up the church on Saturdays. The early Christians witnessed persecution from the traditionalists and this made some of them to flee to Ijebu-Ode. This became blessing for the church because the Christians learnt ABD and brought the book back home from ijebu Ode.Some of the early converts were: David Aina, David Esan, Ojo Alugbe, Dada Ologbe, Emmanuel Abe, Jacob Omotade, John jejeleko. The first woman convert was Abigail Alege. Other women were Sabinah Abe, Dorcas Omoleye, Comfort Olofintade and Oloreewe Adeoye. The first vicarage was built in 1934, while St. paul’s Primary School was established. The second vicarage was built in 1949 due to the falling down of the first one. Between 1903 to the present day, the following church workers had worked in the church: 1. Chief David Aina -1903 2. Mr. Jayeoba-1924 3. Mr. J. O. Sodipo-1930 4.Mr. John Aladekomo-1934 5. Mr. Aranmitewa-1943 6. Mr. J. O. Ojo-1945 7. Mr. F. A. Okoribiti-1952 8. Mr. Olupitan-1955 9. Mr. Agbedumoke-1956 10. Mr. Adeyanju-1958 11. Mr. D. A. Olatoye-1960 12. Mr. M. A. Wilson-1961 13. Mr. Daodu-1964 14. Mr. Aniye-1966 15. Mr. Akimisole-1972 16. Mr. Omole-1973 17. Rev. S. A. Ajayi-1974 18. Rev. F. A. Okunbi-1979 19. Rev. G. O. Opaaje-1982 20. Rev. J. B. Falodun-1984 21. Rev. E. O. Olowookere-1985 22. Rev. Adegbite-1991 23. Rev. E. T. Asaolu-1993 24. Rev. Canon E. O. Asojo-1999 25. Rev. M. O. Ogunniyi-2002 26. Rev. Canon T. O. Akinyemi -2005 7. Rev. Canon Oyadiran-2007 28. Rev. E. S. Akinola-2008 29. Rev. J. A. Omotoso-2010 till date The foundation of the present building was laid in 1993 and completed in 2009, dedicated as well. EMMANUEL ANGLICAN CHURCH, ILUKUNO – EKITI Christianity was introduced to Ilukuno by Pa William Adeleye, son of Oba Oke-Oro 1, one of the indigenes who first founf their ways to Lagos over a hundred years ago. The Prince arrived with Mummy Doherty in 1895. The then Christians suffered a severe persecution from hands of traditionalists, it was in this process that Pa Williams Adeleye died.Pa odejunrin, who invariably was a Christian from Ejinrin became the leader and prayer meetings were held under cover in his compound. He was later appointed the first Baba Egbe of the church while Pa Awolola of Ipoti Ekiti became a caretaker Catechist who taught the Christians the Lord’s prayer, Catechism, the creed and prayers for many years in preparation for baptism at either Ipoti or Ijero. The inspiration to have a place of worship was bitterly opposed by the elders and chiefs. It was the intervention of the then Ajero of Ijero that paved the way for the release of a forbidden bush.That was where the tent for the service of God started and no casualty was recorded in the encounter. Some members later struggled to have a church building, among whom were: Pa David Akinola, Eniafe, Pa Joshua Abiola Eyedofin, Pa Ezekiel Akulejo, Pa Jeremiah Ogunyebi, Pa Ezekiel Oni Adaranbori – Iyawo, Pa Joel Jegede, Pa Williams Adewumi, Pa Joseph Alape, Pa Joseph Akande and a host of others. LIST OF CHURCH WORKERS (1) Mr. C. A. Fasakin -1941 – 1943 (2) Mr. J. A. Ajayi-1944 (3) Pa Olaniyan (4) Mr. R. O. Oyedepo (5) Pa Z. A. Adewole (6) Pa M. A. Wilson (7) Pa S. A. Bamidele (8) Mr. M.O. Ipinmoye (9) Mr. G. A Olaoye (10) Mr. Bamisile-1976 – 1977 (11) Mr. Fajembola-1977 – 1978 (12) Mr. Z. O. Akinola. (13) Rev. E. B. Aladeniwa -1979 – 1981 (The first vicar) (14) Rev. J. O. Ogunleye-1981 – 1985 (15) Rev. J. Ola Adegoke-1986 – 1991 (16) Rev. J. O. Akinyemi-1991 – 1993 (17) Rev. G. A. Ojo-1993 – 1996 (18) Rev. D. O. Nuse-1996 – 2001 (19) Rev. S. O. Moronfade-2001 – 2004 (20) Rev. J. A. Aluko-2004 – 2007 (21) Rev. G. I. Oke-2007 – 2010 (22) Rev. J. O. Atejioye-2010 till date ST. STEPHEN’S ANGLICAN CHURCH, OKE-ORO In 1891 three men first brought Christianity to their town, OkeOro.They were Balogun Okekaa, Olofinmo and Olugbeji. They came with ABD and then preached the word of God among their people. Persecution rose from the town before the end of that year which made them killed a goat and a pig against the three men. They drove Okekaa and Olofinmo away from the town that they should come no more. The third person Olugbeji was stopped from preaching by his father and was sent to Ijero. He later compromised his faith and joined Ogboni cult. It was in 1895 that David Dada Omo-Owa and Agbeleja came from Lagos and started to preach the gospel again.Some people who were converted then were: James Dada, Solomon Ajayi and Fayeun. It is worthy of note that some people like Faramisi, Daniel Olaleye and Emmanuel Fadare went to Oshogbo on foot in order to carry the present church bell. In 1948 that Oke-Oro town shifted from their site to the major road where they are now. THE LIST OF CHURCH WORKERS (1) Mr. S. O. Daramola -1924 – 1928 (2) Mr. S. D. Afolami-1928 – 1929 (3) Mr. Jacob Adeyemi-1942 – 1944 (4) Mr. I. A. Arannilewa -1944 – 1947 (5) Mr. D. A. Ogunsuyi-1947 – 1948 (6) Mr. M. A. Ogunleye -1948 – 1949 (7) Mr. S. B. A. Ayodele-1951 – 1952 and others.The church began to have a separate worker from the school in 1979 and the first worker was Mr. E. O. Esan, it was during his time that the foundation of the church building was laid. Other church workers were: Mr. D. F. Fagbon, Rev. S. S. Ilesanmi, it was during his time that the present church was built. Another worker was Rev. T. A. Olowolade, Rev. S. D. Aina, Rev. E. O. Olowookere, Rev J. O. Bolorunkopani and Rev. E. O. Oso who is working in the church till date. ALL SOUL’S ANGLICAN CHURCH, IPOTI – EKITI It was during Easter picnic in 1998 that our Saviour’s Ipoti set up a committee to look into the creation of a new church in Ipoti.The members of the committee were: Mr. Ezekiel Folayan, Olawumi Arigbede, Gabriel Olawumi, Chief (Mrs) R. M. Ajayi, Bankole Olofinlade and Mr. Johnson Ayeni. The inauguration happened on 13th April 1998. When the church began, sexon and layreaders were sent from Our Saviour’s to conduct services at All Soul’s among whom were: Dare Alabi, Ayotunde Ayeni, Chief (Mrs) R. M. Ajayi, Mrs. R. B. Ayeni, Mrs. Akinwole, Tunde Ogunade, G. O. Faleye, Arigbede and Johnson Ayeni. The first church worker was posted in 2001 in person of Rev. E. O. Olowookere.It should be noted that at the first service of their first worker, Chief O. J. Omotoso gave the sum of # 5,000 with which the church opened their first Bank Account to be able to stand on their own. The first vicar, Rev. E. O. Olowookere retired on 31st December 2008 and he was succeeded by Rev. S. A. Oluwafemi on 1st May, 2009 and he is still the vicar rill date. The vicarage of the church is under construction now. BY:The Venerable-Archdeacon Victor Oluwole Akintoye Archdeacon of Ipoti in Anglican Diocese Of Ekiti West Church Of Nigeria (Anglican Communion)

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