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“The Nightingale and the Rose” is the story of a student who was told by a girl that she would dance with him at the ball if he brought her a red rose.

Unfortunately the boy has no red roses and was vocalizing his despair and a nightingale heard him. He got touched by the students sayings and wanted to help him, so he flew away searching for a red rose. He doesn’t find any. Finally, he finds a rose bush that told him to pierce his heart on a thorn to bleed on a white rose so it becomes red.He did so and died. The boy finds the rose and is happy. He goes to give it to the girl but she rejects the rose because it won’t match her dress and because she found someone that bought her jewellery so the boy turns away throws the rose in the gutters and says that love is ridiculous and that logic is better.

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In this story Oscar Wilde uses many stylistic devices. He uses a stylistic device named onomatopoeia. It is used because it is often difficult to describe sounds by using words.This makes the story more interesting and makes it more amusing to read, it gives it life. It also helps the description of the characters interior feelings and his mental activities. In the story it makes us understand the feelings the little boy has for the girl.

It shows that he loves her alot and that he was desperate to find a red rose. Oscar Wilde also uses short elliptical sentences and uses a clear and easy to understand language. It is featured by the colloquial style.According to ‘’Wikipedia’’ an ellipsis is a series of mark that indicate the intentional omission of a word or phrase from the original sentence. It is also used to indicate a pause during a speech, an unfinished thought or a trailing off into silence.

For example: (para. 3 line 1) ‘’No red rose in all my garden’’ he cried. The sentence in its complete form should be ‘’There is no red rose in all my garden’’. This sentence has the same elliptical effect as a whole.

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