Next, based on my point of view regarding the professional development that affected classroom management and discipline, I believe that teachers should be aware with their own responsibilities and continues to find opportunities to develop their skills professionally. The teachers should attend any professional development courses, seminars or events that is provided to ensure that they are updated with the current knowledge of classroom management and discipline. This is because classroom management is a skill that can only be obtained through constant practice and effort to do well in their profession. Lack of knowledge is the reason that the teachers faced failure to control the students’ behaviour and disciplinary issues in classrooms. Moreover, professional development will only be successful in terms of the student learning if it involves the involvement and support from the entire school community. Knowledge about teaching and learning is also very important and precise when the teachers shared their own experience based on the school culture and climate. During my practicum session in SMK Saujana Utama in Sungai Buloh, Selangor, I faced some challenges in managing discipline issues.


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