Necropsy and autopsy are both to determine the cause of death

Necropsy and autopsy are both to determine the cause of death

Necropsy and autopsy are both to determine the cause of death. The different is a post-mortem in an animal is called necropsy while post-mortem in human called autopsy. In autopsy is more difficult than necropsy. A post-mortem is performed on the dead animal to know the cause of death. Necropsy may also be performed on the basis of legal and disease investigation needs. Post-mortem allows the doctor to clarify the cause of sudden death or to correct the ante mortem clinical diagnosis. Necropsy is important for the veterinarian to diagnose the cause of death.
A necropsy divide into two portion which is the gross post-mortem examination and the histopathology portion. The gross post-mortem examination is where the body is visually and manually examined. For the histopathology portion is for where organs and sections of tissue are further the detail (microscopically) by a veterinary pathologist. Post-mortem examination need to perform as soon as possible after the death.
The speed of necropsy decomposition varies with different parts of the body and especially affected by temperature (B. J. Sheahan, January 1975). Through necropsy can determine in detail morphological, topographical conditions, allowing correlating clinical and anatomical aspects. Data obtained through the necropsy are important not only because it establishes clearly the main cause of death, but also can clarify disease evolution.
When to proceed the post-mortem, veterinarian and assistant must wear suitable clothes for safety. Clean and disinfect all clothing and tools after each use. Make complete records on each post-mortem examination for doctor-client relationships, research, disputes, and complications that might arise. Providing a complete history of the animal is important because it will provide your help veterinarian and the pathologist with important background information which increases the chances of finding the true causes of death.
A benefit of post-mortem is provide information of the causes of death and vital information for future treatment and research. Besides, the data obtained through the post-mortem examinations is important to improving medical care and research, causes and prevention of disease. Then, the other benefit is it assist doctor and medical student by providing accurate death and illness statistics. In farm which is the production animal, to finding a cause of death is important because for the sake all animal in farm to keep health. Example of when pets need necropsy is when pet’s been suffering undiagnosed disease and why pet suddenly died. When veterinarian ask a permission, there may be the pet need a necropsy.

The necropsy laboratory examination perform on all types of animals which is pets, farm animals, amphibians, and zoo animals. Veterinarian will submit the fresh tissues to examine and for diagnostic evaluation from performed the necropsy. Besides, collecting samples from one or more internal organ. Gross reports are known in 2 days and the final report can know in 2 weeks. The report may take longer because of specialized testing such as certain microbiology and outside referral test.
Animal that will undergoes necropsy should not be frozen but should be shipped overnight on ice within an insulated container. If not, the autolysis which is tissue breakdown can occur very quickly. Furthermore, the tissues may be contaminated and leaving out the tissue open it might decay.
Before examining a carcass, it is important to be familiar with the changes that may occur in the body of an animal in the periods immediately prior to, during, and following death. Because changes may give clues to the underlying disease process, but just as often result in alterations that potentially confuse the diagnosis and interpretation of post-mortem findings and must be understood in order to properly interpret observations.
Necropsy facilities and the environment when to perform the post-mortem is should be easy to disinfect and far from another healthy animal to not exposed the disease toward a healthy animals.
There are several principle in necropsy technique. First, proceed with a standard, consistent, repeatable approach. Second, minimally exposed the internal organ and contamination. Then, before open and examine organs in such a way that they may be reasonably reassembled into the shape and position that they occupied before they were cut. Lastly, to yield the best specimens possible for ancillary tests.
The necropsy is conducted in a routine manner every time for necessary to avoid chasing lesions as they are encountered and thereby being distracted from conducting a thorough examination. Necropsy procedure is designed to reveal organs as close to possible as they were in the animal at the point of death.
There are many indications for euthanatizing animals. As the best alternative to needless pain or other suffering. Besides, when there is no cure to an illness or injury. Then, to obtain a particular type a sample such as fresh tissue from a specific organ that cannot be obtained by other means. There is also a sign of the disease process showing by an animal or bird. Once the decision to kill an animal has been made, the most important factor should be to minimize the discomfort and stress to which the animal will be subjected during the procedure. If they are not sure if the animal are killed, they should be asked to sit in a waiting room during the procedure and then show them the body when the animal are dead.
This allows the veterinarian and staff to concentrate on the task, removes unnecessary pressure procedure not proceed smoothly, and allows time for the animal to be placed in a natural position following death before the owner viewing the body.
In conclusion, those who are involved to do a post-mortem is responsible to take a risk in any circumstance. For example, responsible to treat pet’s owner with a discipline to ensure the owner will satisfied with the service that provided to them. Then, they need a courage to face any contaminated or viral diseased while doing the post-mortem. Lastly, veterinarian have an importance role in improving the education of post-mortem or necropsy for people out there and exposed to them the importance of necropsy in our life.

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