Transcendentalists be explained on a spiritual level. Death

Transcendentalists be explained on a spiritual level. Death

Transcendentalists were people that believed that anyone could find god directly in nature. God is good therefor all natural events seen to be tragic pestilence death disaster can be explained on a spiritual level. Death is simply a part of the cycle of life.

Being in nature can reveal that we are connected to god as well as nature. The class went on a nature walk to be connect to god and find a treasure. I found a shell.My treasure is a white shell. It has no smell.

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It is small with ridges down the side of it. Is seems to have another half that is still in nature. The shell is like a armor to protect a person or thing for those outside forces. The creature inside has to expand and move, so that explains the ridges. Each ridge is where the creature had to expand to compensate for its size.

As it gets stronger it grows and gets smarter. The other half represents that you are connected to someone else and without them a person would be ruined. My object tells us that you need protect yourself from somethings.

A person has another half like a friend or equal that without them a person could not live and survive on its own. Without an equal a person would be fully exposed to gods natural processes . So a person should be connect to someone they feel close to and grow with them and move on when its time. The shell could tell us that life is full of important choices and each ridge is the risk taking event to get stronger and survive.We need to be connected though nature to reveal that we can be connected to god. Without god we are nothing, so everyone should go to nature to find there faith. Everyone has a life importance and god is the one who decides that.

The more a person goes to nature the more god can be connected to them. So everyone should go to nature for answers.

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