There abusers, and violence (nurture), I could have

There abusers, and violence (nurture), I could have

There has always been controversy over nature and nurture. Nature deals with genetic predispositions, while nurture deals more with the environment in which we are brought up. “Nature endows us with inborn abilities and traits; nurture takes these genetic tendencies and molds them as we learn and mature (Powell, 2010). Taking a look back at myself as a child, my mother predisposed me with morals and values of life, nature. While my environment was filled with homelessness, drug abusers, and violence (nurture), I could have easily gone the wrong direction ending up like my surrounding environment.To me nature and nurture goes hand in hand. One is nothing without the other.

For example nature can be that straight line you already know that it’s going straight. Nurture depending on how you learn and mature from your environment can be either positive or negative. The morals and values my mom predisposed me with showed me that no matter how my environment is find the positive aspect. Piaget’s perspective most closely represents my views.Central to Piaget’s work are the cognitive stags in development-sequential periods in the growth or maturing of an individual’s ability to think, to gain knowledge, self-awareness, and awareness of the environment (Mooney, 2006).

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Even though nurture deals more with the environment, nature plays an important role in it and the controversy goes on and on. Mooney, C. G. 2006.

Theories of childhood. Saddle River, NJ: Prentice Hall. Powell, K. 2010. Nature vs.

nurture; Are we really born that way? Retrieved Oct. 27, 2011, from http://genealogy. about. com.

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