Natural disasters happen unexpectedly

Natural disasters happen unexpectedly

Natural disasters happen unexpectedly. The aftermath caused by these devastating forces of nature leave a lasting impression on the people who experience them. Immediately after a natural disaster strikes, it would be normal to deal with the more immediate and obvious needs that arise. For example getting food, water, shelter and etc. During this crucial process, we tend to overshadow the emotional needs that emerge after experiencing such life-changing events. Especially, in the lives of the children affected. Hasbro Inc has done a great job addressing this often overlooked issue. Attending to the psychological needs of children impacted by natural disasters. According to Hasbro’s CSR report, the organization operates in more than 35 countries. Contributing to sales in more than 120 countries. They believe that the driving values at the core of the organization are creativity, passion, integrity, and community. Demonstrating an unwavering commitment to their purpose, which is to make the world a better place for children and their families. Hasbro, also believes that through their commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility, they will bring meaning and purpose to play. Through their CSR efforts, Hasbro has managed to identify this problem and developed Hasbro Play Relief kits as a response. Hasbro Inc, partnered with Good360 to address this issue. Good360 is a non-profit organization that is motivated by product philanthropy and purposeful giving. Partnering only with the companies they view as socially responsible, to help source the highly needed goods after natural disasters. Their team plays a key role in supporting and distributing those needs to the people that rely on them. Good360 knows the potential struggles people face and made it their mission to be known for their efforts in providing a sense of renewed hope for the ones impacted by natural disasters ( This combined effort of Hasbro and Good360, help develop a series of Play Relief Kits that includes a plethora of games, such as Uno, Connect Four, Chutes, Ladders, Trouble, Sorry and Scrabble. The kits are usually distributed in emergency shelters and temporary housing. Due to disaster, in many cases, the families and children have been displaced from their own homes for an extended period of time. The purpose of the Play Relief Kits is to provide an outlet that can help them take their mind off the situation at hand. In result, building a sense of community and having fun for the children affected. Funding for the Play Relief program, are obtained through donations and The Hasbro Children’s Fund. The Hasbro’s Children’s Fund is responsible for the majority of the organization’s grant making. Their main focus is to stand up for children. Passionately working together to create a universe where every child can experience a positive environment. Supporting programs that provide hope for children, empowerment of youth through service and the opportunity to play for children who would not experience it otherwise. These grants support programs in the community that deliver stability for children in crisis. The Play Relief Kits were beneficial in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey. The catastrophic destruction left behind this hurricane is similar to that of Hurricane Katrina. Just like the unfortunate people of New Orleans, communities in Texas will be feeling the effects for many years to come. Hurricane Harvey caused a terrible amount of damage in surrounding areas and in Houston. More than 200,000 homes were lost or damaged. Over 40,000 people were forced into shelters. Hasbro’s partnership with Good360 allows them to coordinate with trusted nonprofit partners. Working closely with International Orthodox Christian Charities (IOCC), to distribute Play Relief kits in their shelters. Hasbro Play Relief Kits were utilized in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey. In addition to the spiritual and emotional support provided by teams operating in the shelters. The George E. Brown Center, one of the largest relief shelters in Houston, housed more than 10,000 people following the crisis. A large number of those people were children. Fr. Bob Fox, a member of the of IOCC’s Frontline Volunteers Group, visited this shelters at the height of the crisis. Giving his insight on how the Play Relief Kits were being utilized. “When I entered the family side of the shelter,” going on to explain, “they had the games all over the place. They said it kept them distracted and they loved playing with them.” Going on to say that “A mom told me they particularly loved the game Trouble, because of the bubble. -Fr. Bob Fox”(Good360). He was able to experience first hand the positive impact of the Play Relief Kits. Giving children and families an outlet to spend quality time together. Even though they may be temporarily removed from the distress of a natural disaster. It is important for people to develop an emotional state of well-being following a disaster. Based on the research I have done, Hasbro and their nonprofits partners Good360 and IOCC have done a great job working together in regards to this social issue. Understanding the diverse set of needs that arise after a disaster and addressing it through corporate social responsibility. Hasbro’s Inc believes that play is a central role in how we live our lives. They are doing their best to make sure the world is a better place for children, especially during difficult times.

The Home Depot
The Home Depot has also played a vital role in addressing natural disasters and the effects they have on human life. Home Depot’s goal as an organization is to provide the highest level of service in the home improvement industry. Basing their companies motives on eight core values. These values consist of excellent customer service, taking care of people, giving back, doing the “right” thing, creating shareholder value, entrepreneurial spirit and building strong relationships. Due to the increase in frequency and intensity of natural disasters. The Home Depot has realized that they are more than just a retail store. They are also part of a network of first responders and relief organizations that assist citizens when disasters strike. The Home Depot merchandising, supply chain and operations teams work hard to do their part moving necessary product and equipment to stores caught in the path of natural disasters such as hurricanes, blizzards, tornadoes, wildfires and other life-threatening events. The Homer Fund is a program that was created in 1999. Its purpose was to help support associates in need. The organization wants their network of 400,000 associates to know that Home Depot has their best interest at heart. According to The Home Depot CSR report, The Homer Fund is a nonprofit charity. They look for the opportunity to make a positive impact in associates’ lives by assisting with urgent emergency financial help (Home Depot CSR Report). Such as, providing shelter after a disaster or helping with the cost of burying a loved one. Since its creation in 1999, the Fund has given more than $165 million in assistance to 130,000 associates in need, and more than $1.5 million was awarded to associates facing unforeseen emergencies (Home Depot CSR Report). Funding for The Homer Fund grant programs was originally given by The Home Depot founders. As of recent, according to the Home Depot CSR report more than 93 percent of the company chooses to donate to The Homer Fund each year, and everything donated directly impacts a fellow associate in need. The Home Depot is also well known for turning their locations into command centers for first responders and relief agencies. The Home Depot Foundation partners with nonprofit organizations like Habitat for Humanity and Team Rubicon, an organization that rallies military veterans to help and empower communities in the wake of a disaster. Helping to deliver the right assistance to the right people during crucial times. In 2017, The Home Depot Foundation made a $3 million commitment to helping communities rebuild after natural disasters. The foundation also partnered with other nonprofit organizations, contributing to the American Red Cross’ Annual Disaster Giving Program to ensure it’s prepared to respond immediately after a disaster strikes. The Home Depot also needs to have the manpower to get things accomplished. Team Depot is a 400,000-strong army of associate volunteers, led by captains across every associate level, from vice president to cashier. Together with The Home Depot Foundation, Team Depot continues to work to improve the homes and lives of communities affected by natural disasters. It takes time, energy, resources and money that many people simply do not have to spare to rebuilding after a natural disaster. That is where The Home Depot come In. From making sure emergency supplies are available to helping repair and rebuild. Also making sure that all available hands are on deck. Team Depot, associate-led volunteer force, goes into action almost instinctively. Making sure our communities have the support they need to recover. The Home Depot efforts in addressing this issue through CSR have a positive impact on the overall well-being of society. When natural disasters occur, The Home Depot works to be the last stores to close and the first to reopen to help communities recover.

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Verizon Wireless
Wireless communication is essential following natural disasters, which is why the Verizon Wireless network team prepares year-round to ensure a strong performance during difficult times. This makes it possible for their customers and employees to communicate with their friends and families. The organization’s goal is to provide full and open communication with their customers, employees, and investors. Through these values and CSR, Verizon has found ways to address natural disaster relief. The organizations responded to recent surges in natural disasters in a plethora of ways.
After Hurricane Irma, Verizon offered data relief for customers in areas impacted. The area included Puerto Rico, Florida and the Dominican Republic. Verizon Wireless also offered free wireless and landline calling. In addition, to free text messaging to Mexico following the devastating earthquake. Furthermore, showing their efforts in regards to the issue by showing monetary support. Donating $10 million to the Hurricane Harvey relief effort. In to process, keeping customers in Houston connected. Allowing them to find help during the storm. When disaster strikes whether it be a hurricane, tornados or other natural disasters. Verizon understands that wireless communications are critical for both our first responders and residents alike. During a natural disaster, Verizon immediately positions cross-functional teams to support first responders and communications services for citizens in affected areas. The company has established a nationwide network of Verizon Crisis Response Teams (VCRTs), which is a network of thousands of highly trained individuals who provide much needed wireless and connectivity support throughout a natural disaster. Amongst these services, appreciated initiatives such as the Verizon communications trailers. Provides access to the internet, recharging services, and other emergency supplies. Verizon has partnered with the Red Cross and other Federal and Local government agencies to assist with repair and restoration efforts. These partnerships are vital for Verizon in repairing or replacing equipment that has been damaged due to natural disasters. Which included thousands of, cable transmission lines, telephone pole switches, and other electrical damages. Life can be very unpredictable, it hard to expect what life is going to throw at you next. Any given situation could mean using extra data that you weren’t planning to. Communication is important in the aftermath of catastrophic events. The organization’s successful implantation of programs help relief talk, text and data charges to customers in the impacted locations, so they can stay connected when it matters most.

In Conclusion, the three firms identified have an overall positive impact on corporate social responsibility in regards to natural disaster relief efforts. Through their combined endeavors, they were able to work with volunteers and donors to achieve their goals. Which is to provide much-needed shelter, food, water, peace of mind and etc. The implementation of this different programs in many of the locations around the world where disasters occur provided immediate relief for the world’s most vulnerable people. Partnerships with other organizations are vital in the response effort. Providing protection for children, and ensuring that conditions are maintained and resources are available. Two negative aspects of corporate social responsibility the firms failed to address where the lives of animals or pets. Pets can also be considered a family member. To help these organizations build more of a CSR profile they should address this issues. The final negative aspect, regarding this social issue that was not addressed, is the displacement of the funds and donating to non-reputable disaster relief agencies. During these hard time companies have to be aware of to people who are looking for the opportunity to scam others. Finding potential ways to combat this is important because there are people who are in dire need of receiving those donations.


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