Nanotechnology is the study of structures at the molecular size

Nanotechnology is the study of structures at the molecular size

Nanotechnology is the study of structures at the molecular size. It is the design characterization and application of structures that is controlled in an operation of a shape and size having a scale in nanometer. Many different applications are likely to impact the industry, medicine, new computing systems and sustainability. Here are some trends globally in nanotechnology.
Medical terms in nanotechnology is called nanomedicine. Nanomedicine uses nanomaterials that consists of submicron sized particles in a drug. Nanomedicine ranges from different medical applications that used nanomaterials in biological devices. Nanomedicine contains micro sized biodegradable materials composed in a drug. Other trends in nanotechnology is creating durable materials or higher strength in materials. The idea of this trend is the development of carbon nanotube based devices that will lead materials having less weight but stronger materials that can be seen in vehicles and other industrial equipment.
In the Philippines one trend in nanotechnology can be seen in agriculture. The use of nanomaterials in agriculture are ideally used to provide solutions on the demands in the Philippines. There are some facilities or laboratories located in Philippines for nanotechnology and synthesis of nanomaterials. In the Philippines the product called Atovi is created. Atovi is a Filipino based product created by alteration of molecular particles, nuclear reaction and the use of nanomaterials. It is a feed powder made from vitamins and minerals however it is different from other feed that is available in the market. It has no medication and nutritional value due to alteration of the molecular particles.


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