Name: Yeimy Maldonado
Date: 8/11/18
American: Cultural

Letter from Birmingham jail

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“Letter from Birmingham jail” by Martin Luther King Jr. The leader of civil right movement was arrested and locked up in Birmingham jail after leading nonviolent march protest racism and the freedom of Christian Religion for the Negros community, in the streets of Alabama. In this letter king addressed all the points and describing all the emotional injustice color were going through a really tough during one of the most dark and brutal periods in the history of the United States time during black people revolution.

In this letter king talks about how people believe that racism is acceptable when he describes the maltreatment of colored people, and how inhumane it is that they do not have the same right as everyone else .One of the example that he wrote “According the timetable of those who have not suffered unduly from disease of segregation. Now I have heard the word “wait” It rings in the ear of every Negro with a piercing familiarity. This “wait” has almost means “never”. As we see discrimination race was one on the biggest issue in America history, and MLK as well as the population he represented waited for justice to come. Figures such as MLK were able to inspire people and epitomize hope; however, events kept occurring that would damage the spirit and make it feel like oppression would never end. For example, the event MLK refers to in the Letter from Birmingham Jail demonstrates that even the communities fearless leader could be easily brought down on account of a peaceful protest that should be protected by the first amendment.
However until today Black people are still crying for freedom because they still feel that are being oppressed by the white nation. Many people in the black community have begun to use the terrible events of the past as leverage against the white community. Because color people were treated like they didn’t belong to the society, as race relations became an stable issue government has tried to find a balance between the two races but even for them is hard due to all police racial controversial against Black people the we still see it in todays news. Oppressor are all over the world with a different propose of freedom in addition to this article I will mention how still people somewhere in the world fighting for their right I was born in Nicaragua a communist country where the President and his family are most of owner of all the business in Nicaragua in poor people don’t have many choices to have a better life just work to live day by day. This April eighteen of 2018, President Ortega announced change to the Nations of Social Security system that would require workers to pay more taxes and have less benefits. Students starts a peaceful protests to stop this changes, more than 3,000 people will be walking in the Nicaraguan main streets every single days, until things start getting violence and out of control and within three months they were 360 people kills all kind the ages and still nothing have being done. Nicaragua people are requesting for earliest presidential elections church was support all this protest march, unfortunately this country are still under a powerful communist government. We will never taught they are people still fight for their right without being afraid to loss their life in order to have some freedom this are couple similar story were people are suffering to obtain some kind of freedom. How king mention in the letter from Birmingham jail “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere” He refer how the government


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