n the short story “The Celebration”

n the short story “The Celebration”

n the short story “The Celebration”, the main character Eric develops a lasting impact in his life. Later he realizes during the end of the story that his negative choice of being an alcoholic ends up neglecting his wife and children. His mental state for happiness was abused. Therefore he could not overcome his problems but to ironically celebrate and indulge in Welfare. Evidence of his alcoholism was throughout the whole story. ±or example, “on the table there was an open quart jar. It was third full homebrew.” This quote proves that in his home he had made homemade alcohol. Usually as for this story, the homemade alcohol is much stronger than the ones bought in liquor stores. As Eric`s character a person who loved his children. But when he drank he became selFsh for more drinks. He calls his wife Mabel, names such as “whore”. He basically becomes way di³erent than his generous self. It was not the Frst time that they would go for emergencies to the hospital. The author W.D. Valgardson, did not meant to put empathy to Eric oreven his wife. Not necessarily because they were having alcohol problems, but they made a bad choice they su³er which was enough for their children to ever su³


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