SUMMER people. It connects to Native son

SUMMER people. It connects to Native son

SUMMER READING ASSIGNMENT DEFINITIONS PART 1 J. P Morgan was a major American banker financier and entrepreneur who contributed to the economic growth of the U.

S thorough shrewd business strategies such as financing and other major services. He connects to native son by pretending to be rich white men. Bigger and Gus amuse themselves by engaging in a mock dialogue whereby they imitate the way they imagine Morgan probably sounds in real life. Trader Horn was the first non-documentary film shot in Africa. It tells of the adventures of real life trade and adventure Alfred Aloysius on safari in Africa.

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It connect to native son because in the movie a native son got saved by a white girl who was missing to a missionary man and in native son Bigger got saved by Mr. Dalton who helped him with his family stat by giving him a job but later killed his daughter accidentally and hide her from being jailed. Scottsboro Boys were the nine black teenage boys accused of rape in Alabama in1931. They connected to Native son because of the value for young misguided characters like Bigger has seen a black man being accused of rape just being in a white woman’s bedroom so this made bigger did what he did to Mary in order for him not to be accused of rape.Communist is a person who plans to make everyone equal and to give power to the average working man. It connect to Native son because Mary’s boyfriend Jan is a communist and in the end Bigger accused Jan for Mary’s death but after the truth being set Jan understand what it feels like being or being black is like and why Bigger did what he did and offer to help him. Hitler was know for being voided and only care for white people and was racist to other people.

It connects to Native son because Bigger was in a town full of racism and it was evil and prejudice.Mussolini is an Italian Politician who led the national fascist party and is credited with being one of the key figures in the creation of fascism. It connects to Native son because Bigger longing for a leader who can bring solidarity to the black community and he admires the fascist leaders. Loeb and Leopold were two wealthy university of Michigan alumni and university of Chicago students who murdered 14 year old Robert Robby Fran’s in 1924 for ransom and were sentenced to life imprisonment.It connects to Native son because Bigger accidentally kill Mary and cut her body in order for him to hide it and also murdered her girlfriend Bessie brutally, wrote a ransom note but was caught for a life imprisonment and later executed.

Bruno Hauptman is a German ex convict sentence to death for the abduction and murder of the 20 month old son of famous pilot Charles Lindbergh and Anne Marrow Lindbergh. It connects to Native son because Bigger was also sentenced to death after accidentally killing May and his girlfriend Bessie. Jim Crow were laws that prohibited black participation.It connect to Native son because if a black man were to be seen with a white women let alone discovered in a white woman’s bedroom he will receive some serious consequences.

The U. S in Bigger Thomas time he faced violent racism. There were Jim Crow laws that mandated separation of the races. The Great Migration was the movement north. It connects to the Native son because in the book after being caught Bigger ran away to the city with his girlfriend. SUMMER READING ASSIGNMENT ESSAY PART 2A The title “Fear” is a perfect title for the first book in the Native Son.The first book shows how Bigger Thomas, the main character, is afraid of almost everything he does.

He shows fear when he doesn’t know what to do or when what he is doing is not right. When Bigger is scared he does things that he or any other person wouldn’t normally do. He is afraid because Mr.

Dalton and Mary both are giving him conflicting orders that put him in an impossible situation. Mr. Dalton orders Bigger to take Mary to school and bring her back but Mary demands him to take her and her boyfriend to the movies. If he gets caught not following Mr.

Dalton’s orders he will get in trouble. If he does not follow Mary’s orders, she may cause him to be punished. So, to cover up the mistakes that he has made he makes more mistakes that could cause him more harm. One of the mistakes that Bigger makes is killing Mary. His next errors of trying to hide this by dissecting Mary’s body and burning it multiplies his troubles. Bigger fears that every move he makes will cause him harm or will get him fired from his job.

He fears that if he doesn’t do exactly what everyone tells him to he will be punished for it. An example of this is when Mr.Dalton tells Bigger to drive Mary to college but Mary tells Bigger to drive her to the movies to meet her boyfriend. “Well, he would drive her; that was what he had been hired for. But he was going to watch his step in this business. The only thing he hoped was that she would not make him lose his job.

” (64) In the quotes he says that he is going to watch his step, but he ends up not doing so and doing what Mary tells him to do even though he knows he should follow Mr. Dalton’s directions. This causes him to give up is only hope, that she would make him lose his job.When Bigger is scared or is afraid he does things that normally he wouldn’t.

A good example of this is when Bigger kills Mary by accident. Bigger has been scared from the time he has entered Mr. Daltons office in search of a job to the time that he throw Mary’s remains in the furnace. This is when he makes the mistakes that cause him to fear what he has done and causes him to make another mistake. Another example is when Bigger kill his girlfriend Bessie because he doesn’t trust and fear that she is going to rat her out.Bigger’s mistakes are what cause him to make more mistakes which cause him to fear more. Bigger is a person that is afraid when he feels that what he is doing is wrong but thinks it might be right.

He knows it’s wrong to disobey his employer’s orders but thinks it might be okay to obey Mary’s orders. He knows its wrong to kill Mary but he thinks it can be resolved by disposing of the body. SUMMER READING ASSIGNMENTS ESSAY PART 2B Brutality- Bessie’s murder was incredibly violent. Following what appears to e rape (she repeatedly tells Bigger “No”), he beats her skull in with a brick, then throws her body down an airshaft.

Compared with this horror, Mary’s death is relatively peaceful. It is certainly unintentional-Bigger tries to keep Mary quiet & inadvertently suffocates her. Motive- Again, Bessie’s murder was prompted by Bigger’s compromised situation.

He sees her as a liability, now that the police are chasing him. So her murder is a brutal, premeditated act. Mary’s murder really has no motive, because he does not intend to kill her.He is frightened at being discovered in her room, because he will be accused of rape if he is. The irony is that he kills Mary out of this fear, while purposefully killing Bessie after committing that very crime.

Consequences- The consequences of Mary’s murder are trial, guilty verdict, and eventually execution. It is the final culmination of Bigger’s existence within a racist, white-dominated world. The consequences of Bessie’s murder are perhaps the saddest, for there are no real consequences. Her body is merely displayed as evidence during the trial for Mary’s murder.Bigger is never charged with the crime of killing Bessie, which testifies to the injustice of the society.

SUMMER READING ASSIGMENT PART 3 POSTER PROJECT Impulsivity means a sudden wish or urge that prompt an accidental act or feeling; an abrupt tendency. This reflect Bigger Thomas quality through his action, words because the Fear, hatred and anger that racism has thought upon Bigger Thomas ruin his individuality so harshly that his Only means of self-expression is violence. Example Bigger was scared that if Mrs.

Dalton found him in Her daughter’s room that he will accuse him of rape which made him forces a pillow on Mary’s mouth to keep her Silent and accidentally suffocate her to death. Poor behavioral controls means expressions of irritability, annoyance, impatience, threats, aggression and verbal abuse; inadequate to control of anger and temper; acting hastily. It reflect Bigger Thomas because to him threatening people is the way of getting what he wants, for example in the book his friends and him considered robbing a white owned business, he was scared to rob a white man so he threatens one of his friends In order to escape doing it.Also he threatened Bessie his girlfriend to leave town with him after he told him the whole incidence and later rape and killed her because he thinks that he would rat her out regardless. Pathological lying means shrewd, crafty, clever, dishonest, manipulative, and deceitful.

This reflects Bigger Thomas because most of the time Bigger would lie for personally gain, usually to hide to Mary’s parents that at that night he spent it with Jan (Mary’s boyfriend) and also accused Jan of having something to do with Mary’s disappearance.Failure to accept responsibility for own actions means an effort to manipulate others through this denial. This reflect Bigger Thomas because he is scared of the consequences so he would anything to hide what he has done, for example accusing Jan of Mary’s case and hiding Mary’s body.

Parasitic lifestyle means an intentional, manipulative, selfish and exploitative financial dependence on others as reflected in a lack of motivation, low self-discipline, and inability to complete responsibilities. This reflects Bigger Thomas because in the beginning of the story they live in poverty and Mrs.Thomas yells at bigger because they suffer and he cannot do anything about.

Bigger didn’t take any responsibility of taking care of his family but later it change. Promiscuous sexual behavior means a history of attempts to sexually force others into sexual activity. This reflects Bigger’s actions because he rape his girlfriend and was sexual aroused when he puts Mary into her room. Lack of Realistic, long-term goals means an inability or persistent failure to develop and execute long term plans and goals; nomadic existence aimless, lacking direction in life.This reflects Bigger Thomas’s action because Bigger wanted to become an aviator but he was killed for all the crimes he made and didn’t get a chance to accomplish his goals.

Lack of Remorse or Guilt means a lack of feelings or concern for the losses, pain and suffering of victims. This reflect Bigger Thomas because after he accidentally kill Mary and he also wrote ransom note and ask for money from Mary’s parent. He also rape and kill his girlfriend Bessie brutally. Early Behavior Problems means a variety of behaviors prior to age 13 including lying, theft, bullying, and e. t.

c. his reflect Bigger Thomas because it was stated in the book that he was always getting into trouble as a youth such as robbing. In the middle of the story he and his gangs were planning on robbing someone. Callousness and Lack of Empathy means a lack of feelings toward people in general; cold, contemptuous, inconsiderate, and tactless. This reflect Bigger Thomas because not only did he rape and kill his girlfriend but also in the beginning of the story it says that Bigger hates his family and he even shove a dead rat in her sister Vera’s face until the poor girl passes out. He sometimes yells at his mother.

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