Good morning, today, I would like to present my mini-project on Internet cafe in Hong Kong and the effects of it. Internet cafe grew in popularity for a few years already when online game became an instant hit with teenagers. There are many factors causing teenagers addicted to internet cafe and these results in affecting the society negatively. In the early April, a survey questionnaire about internet cafe was set in the Internet to the public.

There are 302 people doing the questionnaire and 257 of them are valid and collected, including students about 77%, teachers about 12%, parents and social workers about 11%. From the result of data, Firstly, about 77% of them are students. Also, among those 199 students, 195 of them say that they have been to internet cafe before and about 98% of them say that they play online games in the internet cafe. Furthermore, among the teenagers, 69. % of them go to internet cafe more than 3 times a week and nearly all of them will stay there more than 3 hours each time they go. From the survey results, we can conclude that the internet cafe is so popular among teenagers in Hong Kong and most of them are addicted to it. Secondly, Nearly 11% of the respondents say that they have seen someone take drugs and participate crime activities in the internet cafe before and only two of the respondents say that they used to contact drug and participated in crime activities in the internet cafe.

However, all of the respondents are deaf to what they had seen and did nothing to stop that happen. Thirdly, most of the respondents (90%) suggest that the government should take prompt actions to stop the drug abuse and crime activities problem as well as the police force should in line with the government to strengthen the patrol in order to strike at the problems. Also more than half of the respondents (52%) say that we need to educate the teenagers not to addict to internet cafe and participate in crime activities as well as drug abuse.

To conclude, we can see that the problems caused by the internet cafe is a serious problem that most of the public think that we need to take it more seriously and try to stop that happen again. Lastly, as teenagers are our hope in the future, some of the teenagers participated in drug abuse and crime activities there. Our government and we should concern this situation seriously. We should take prompt actions such as strengthen the patrol so that the problem can be relieved.