Stacey I have learned both about psychology and

Stacey I have learned both about psychology and

Stacey Wilson October 14, 2011 Swrk 251 Social work value essay My mother likes to tell the story of when I was four years old going to my reading circle. While I was waiting for my reading circle to start, I noticed a baby crying so I picked up toys and started shaking them and making the baby smile. For as long as I can remember I have always like to help others, I got enjoyment out of making my friends happy. Whenever one of my friends had a problem I was always there for them, to listen to them and give them support. This has translated to me always wanting to have a career in the helping profession.

Originally, I had planned to be a psychologist. Since college, I have learned both about psychology and the social work profession, and feel that I will be better suited to be a social worker. This paper explains why I want to be a social worker through my personal experiences, shows how my personal experiences has shaped me into being a social worker, and how they relate to the social work code of ethics.

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First, I want to explain how my personal experiences relate to the specific concepts that are related to social work. As a person I have always been accepting of others. Growing up I have always accepted anyone who wanted to be my friend.I had many friends with different ideas or opinions. I have always enjoyed listening to what my friends had to say, and how they perceived certain things.

Since college I have broaden my horizons and have enjoyed learning about other people’s cultures and religions. I especially enjoyed my comparative studies of religion course, and learning about Islam, Buddhism, and Hinduism. I am also a non-judgmental person. Growing up I never picked my friends based on their looks, wealth, sexual orientation, or popularity in school. When I get to know someone I like them for who they are, whether it be funny, energetic, unique, artistic, or smart.I personally was judge because my hair was very big and frizzy, like in the eighties.

I never enjoyed being judge like that and therefore do not like to judge others based on outward appearances, or wealth. There are many situations in which I try to be objective. Growing up if my friend had a problem, with another person, I try to be objective and present a reason why the other person may be acting that way towards them. Also, I work at a small grocery store, and there has been plenty of occasions where I have had rude customers.I never take it personally because I don’t know what type of day, week or year they are having.

I have learned that until I get to know someone I don’t know the big picture about that person. When I was in high school I learned a valuable lesson on self-determination. My best friend was having a hard time and I was giving her suggestions and pushing my opinion of what she should do. We ended up getting into an argument. It was then that I learned that even though I want to make someone happy or feel better, in the end they are going to make the decision on what to do.Later that day I apologized for telling her what to do. I have since learned that although I may have a different opinion on how to handle a situation, the best thing to do is to present the idea to someone but give them the freedom to make whatever decision they want to.

Another example was when my coworker and friend told me she was thinking about joining the Air Force. I told her that my worries would be that she may face some discrimination as a woman, and that I heard boot camp was very tough, but I think that the air force does offer a lot of opportunities, and I encouraged her to do some more research.I also gave her some contact information of another friend of mine. He is in the air force and doing work that is similar to what my coworker wants to do. I also understand the importance of confidentiality. When a person tells me something in confidence it is because they trust me, and trust that I won’t share the information.

When my coworker originally told me about the air force, she stressed for me to not tell anyone about this. She didn’t want information getting out to our bosses because she feared it would jeopardize her chances of being a manager, and or doing graphic design for the company.A few months later, my manager asked if I was aware of my friend leaving. I told my manager that it was my friend personal business and that she would say something if she was planning on leaving. I hold myself accountable for my own actions. When I make a mistake, or do something wrong I don’t make excuses for myself and always try and do the right thing or make amends. There have been times where I have made a mistake, or wronged somebody.

I have always apologized for my actions and try to make amends. I also face the consequences of my own actions like someone being mad at me.If I am aware of someone who dislikes me I always try to remain professional, but also keep my distance to not add more fuel to the fire. Next, I will talk about the principle of empowerment and how it relates to me wanting to become a social worker. My understanding of empowerment is that I empower people through showing them their strengths, giving them the needed resources, the motivation to succeed, and then give them the room to achieve their own personal goals.

It is a true desire of mine to help people in need. However, I recognize that I cannot do the work for them.When my best friend got out of an abusive relationship, I made sure that I was there for her, and listened to her. I encouraged her to go out and hang out with friends and reestablish some friendships she lost during the relationship. I was sure to mention her strengths and to help her build her own self esteem.

Later on she did end up getting back together with her ex-boyfriend but I know that he never hit her for the period of time that they were dating. Family, culture, a person’s happiness, life, and equality, are all my own personal values.I value family, because I feel that family (whatever it is defined as,) is the foundation, and can be a great support system. I personally grew up in a very large family, and even know many of my extended cousins.

My value of family coincides with the social work code of ethics. The social work code of ethics puts value on human relationships and that social workers seek to strengthen relationships among people and families. Culture is another value of mine.

The traditions and values that are in one’s culture is very important to people, and as a social worker it is important for me to respect that.I love learning about culture, and try to better understand it. As a social worker it is important that I am culturally competent. The more I understand the customs and beliefs of a person’s culture the better I can help them.

I have always enjoyed helping people, and value the well-being of a person’s life. As a social worker I would be able to help people with their problems and be a guide for them so that they can hopefully achieve a more satisfying life to them. I would feel terrible if I hindered the well-being of the client. In the social work code of ethics a client’s well-being is very important.It is important that I do no harm to the client, and that my decisions over all helps the well-being of my client. I also value human life.

I feel that human life is very precious and that each one of us has the potential to make an impact on the world. When I am a social worker I would do my very best to improve living conditions, and protect the quality of life for my clients. The social work code of ethics mentions how I have to protect my clients well-being and to see the self-worth in each of my clients, and don’t discriminate or value one life over another.

Finally, I value equality.I believe that each person deserves the same opportunities, standard of living, and should be treated equally. However, I understand that not every person is treated equal. It is my job as a social worker to advocate for those who are more vulnerable and oppressed. It is my job to point out discrepancies that cause inequalities in the system. I also need to push for social change so that all of us can have the same opportunities and freedoms. When I was younger all I wanted to be was a psychologist.

I envisioned meeting with people and listening to their problems, and being a guide to solve their problems.When I got into college and the more psychology classes I began to take I wondered if psychology was the right job for me. I also questioned if going through all of the schooling to get a doctorate degree would even guarantee me a job helping others. When I took my first social work class, I was surprise to learn about the many different fields, and the many different ways in which social workers help people. When I interviewed a school social worker and learned about what her job entails.

I felt like this was the job for me. I feel that a social worker does more with their clients than psychology.Social workers go beyond just therapy and that’s what really appealed to me. Since my switch to social work major, I have found that at my work I am very comfortable interacting with the older population. I feel that a lot of people over look seniors, or find it easy to not take them seriously. As a social worker I would like to advocate for them. Ageing is a big part of life, and since people are living longer it is important that the quality of life extends into old age.

The strengths that I would bring to the social work profession would be dedication, being able to listen, establishing trust, and building relationships.I find that as a worker I am always dedicated to my job. When I start my day at work, all stress goes out of the work environment and I am there for my customers so that they can have a satisfying shopping experience. I don’t just wait for someone to ask me to do something, generally when I see something that needs to be done I do it. I am also a good listener. I like to listen to other peoples stories.

I love listening to my customers, and to learn about them. Like how they have been married for sixty years, or one customer rescues Doberman pincher dogs who have retired from being show dogs.Because I am a good listener, I have an easy time establishing trust with people. My customers at work know me and trust me. They like to engage in what I have to say, and also add their own input. I have established many relationships with my customers.

One relationship that I have in particular is with an older woman. She is this amazing woman who is in her seventies, and her job is that she is part of a team of women who provides twenty four hour care for a man who is in his nineties. I do bring a few limitations to the profession. I am not a very organized person.I don’t use a calendar, organizer, or planner. Although I feel that as I have gotten older so has my organizing skills, this is still a skill that I need to strengthen in order to stay on top of things in the social work profession.

As a social worker I can see myself struggling with self-determination because I care a lot about my clients. I see myself getting frustrated if a client isn’t making the best choices for themselves. I can also see myself getting burned out if I see clients who are making choices that inhibit them from reaching their goals.However, as a social worker I need to remind myself that they have the right to make their own decisions and that I cannot force my opinions on to them. When I think about my future in the social work career, I find myself getting very excited.

I am excited to know that I will be able to help others, and to hopefully make some small impact in their life, even if that means I am a positive relationship they have. My customers and coworkers who know me say that I will make a great social worker one day.

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