My prohibited in the lake and river,

My prohibited in the lake and river,

My Perfect CityI. UtilitiesThe city I propose as a perfect city, would be as close to an ecocity as possible, although have some differences. For example, for electrical needs, I would suggest the city have a solar power plant, but on those desperate times, energy would be bought from other electrical plants from nearby towns or states.Water purification and a wastewater treatment plants would be necessary in order to provide the citizens and visitors with clean healthy water. To prevent flooding, this city was built on flood plains.Solid waste pickup services will exist, preventing litter and garbage accumulations.

Large fines will be issued if improper garbage and recycling activities are noticed and reported. Almost everything will be recyclable and taken to nearby cities to their recycling plants. Garbage will also be sent out to a nearby dump.II.

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TransportationFor people to move around the city Ive come up with several ideas. Electric cars would create less pollution than gas cars so those would highly be encouraged. More encouraged than that would be bikes, walking, and a city trolley system. Certain streets would be blocked off from cars, allowing only city trolleys and bikes through. Also, some streets would be narrower and bike paths would be mandatory along any new street that is built and in front of any new home.

Motorboats and wave runners would be prohibited in the lake and river, but a ferry would be present for commuting purposes. Paddleboats would be popular in the lakes and river. Walking and biking would be the most influenced form of transportation. Neighborhood stores would be encouraged, promoting bike and walk transportation.

No mass transportation systems will be found running through the city.III. Density of HomesUnderstandably, some people enjoy large lawns. For every 1 home that is built on an acre property, 2 homes have to be built on acre property. The homes will be built more northern and away from the river.

Towards the southern part of the river will only be green space and nature preserves. The city will have a medium density IV. Businesses/Industry/CommercialTourism will be the major money catcher on the lake and riverside areas. Tourists will be attracted to the citys beauty and fun activities (see aesthetics). Although tourism brings in a lot of money, small animal and vegetable farms will be maintained, providing the city with some of its food portion. Gardens will also be kept at most of the homes. Not much food will be transported into the city.

The city will try to be the most independent possible. Building will use the solar heat method for water and space heating on those rare occasions when necessary.V.

AestheticsThe most popular club for the youth will be the 4H club. Weekly activities will be arranged, keeping the youth out of trouble. Annually, the 4H will have a large festival.

There, many contests will be held, such as a pie-eating contest and a contest to see who knows the most about nature, etc. To keep the city going, a live downtown is essential. There you will find few restaurants, a performing theatre, a convention center, and more fun things to do in the evening. Playgrounds and playing fields will be made to occupy other spare time.

A solar heated community center will also be built.

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