My life has been a struggle at times

My life has been a struggle at times

My life has been a struggle at times, but my hard work, determination, and enthusiasm for my education and my community has brought to the hult business school, where I can pursue my dreams.
After graduating, I plan to obtain a masters degree, and decided to pursue international business management degree from a management school called ‘Hult’ in Boston, USA. At the Hult International Business School, I will do further studies to gain experience to complete my studies and training for my chosen field.
I’m a hardworking-dedicated student, who focuses on my studies, yet I have always enjoyed being involved in extracurricular activities. While in high school, I was hosting some events, started developing my interest in fashion and designing field. I was also elected as a class representative of my class. I attended various dance events, fashion events, sports events during my high school days. I am also active in my community. I volunteer at numerous places. It is also said that Academic success is important because it is strongly linked to the positive outcomes we value. Academic success is important because working people will need higher levels of education to tackle the technologically demanding occupations of the future.
Apparently, while doing co-curriculum activities I was also into my academics. Academic studies receive the attention they deserve- in my high school days, I founded out what kind of studying works best for me- I was interested in solving mathematics sums alone in peace. I also scheduled classes around my habits. Some people are interested in studying early morning but I always founded studies more interested in midnight. I also set goals for myself to achieve for a particular subject. The goals don’t always have to be about grades, mine was to solve all the problems without using calculator. I made mine goal to work for me. When studying for finals, many students simply reread their notes enough times to feel like they’ve retained as much as they possibly could. Paving a path toward success in exams means taking it a step further e.g. Rewriting all your notes. I knew it was difficult when i was inundated with so many opportunities for distraction, but resist the urge to procrastinate. Being a daughter of a business-man, my father always wanted to see me solving all the mathematics problems without using any electronic device or calculator. Knowing how to achieve academic success doesn’t just mean knowing how to get good grades, On the other hand, You have to know how to keep yourself fulfilled both emotionally and creatively. My this achievement made my parents proud and that made me proud.


I'm Alfred!

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