My interest for sport and nutrition strengthened during my time at the University of Trieste

My interest for sport and nutrition strengthened during my time at the University of Trieste

My interest for sport and nutrition strengthened during my time at the University of Trieste.
I decided to pursue Adult nursing because I was fascinated by the career potential that allowed me to combine my love for science with my interest in working with people.
However, undertaking clinical placements in departments such as Sport Medicine and Bariatric Surgery and working with youth players and professional athletes, made me realized that I want to change my career path and focus on the role of nutrition in the optimisation of health and physical performance.

The education and the transferable skills I acquired through my bachelor’s (hons) degree in nursing
can be applied to the nutrition profession and I believe that the master’s degree in Sport and Exercise Nutrition will provide me with various opportunities and help me achieve my long term goals.
Having played sports from a young age, when I was involved in swimming and volleyball at a competitive level, I have always been aware of the dual role of nutrition and exercise strategies in managing a healthy lifestyle.
Additionaly studying biology, anatomy, physiology and biochemistry, both in High school and University, furthered my understanding of the human body during exercise.

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During my undergraduate studies I have undertaken an open course module in Principal of Nutritional Therapy, that not only taught me how to apply nutrition science in the promotion of health, peak performance and individual care, but also reinforced my interest in these areas.
I also worked as a children’s museum educator in the Natural Science Museum of my city, where I had the opportunity to collaborate with Eataly to teach the students how to look for quality and wholesome food.

In the last two years, my passion for physical health and exercise has led me to attending the gym regularly. Through resistance training, I have learned the science behind every exercise and how to optimise my performance and recovery.
Futhermore reading scientific articles extended my knowledge
Taking control of my own health and fitness has shown me how much potential I have to change things in my life and how food can be used to meet people goals: be that improving strength, body composition or mindset.

I am currently working as a district nurse in Trieste, where I manage the care of people with health conditions and disabilities. Particularly diabetic patients who experience difficulties in drawing up and administering the insulin on their own.
Besides the practical aspect, an important component of my job consists in teaching the patients what they need to know about their disease, diet, treatment, medication regimens, and self-care.
A crucial part of the self-management care is nutrition: in fact, they need to know how foods affect their blood sugar levels, learn about carbohydrate counting and portion sizes and how to make every meal well-balanced.
My work experience has helped me to develop valuable skills, such as good communication, problem-solving, critical analysis and the ability to work independently to a high standard.

I am keen to study Sport and Exercise Nutrition at the University of Westminster, because it is one of the fiew courses that is accredited by both the Association for Nutrition and the Sport and Exercise Nutrition register. Since the term ‘nutritionist’ is not legally protected, I believe it is crucial to provide only evidence-based information and abide by a strict code of ethics when it comes to give nutrition advice.
Another thing which attracts me to your course is the emphasis on the controversies surrounding the use of supplements, covered by the Nutrition and Performance Module.

After completing the master course at your university, I hope to complete a PhD in Sport, Health and Exercise Sciences, to certifying my skills in marketing, or


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