Alberto Coello English 93 Reaction

Alberto Coello English 93 Reaction

Alberto Coello English 93 Reaction Paper: My Ideal School This reaction paper addresses the question of what my ideal school would be like. My ideal school would be consisting of a really good learning environment where students want to learn and teachers want to teach. It would be a diverse school with students of different cultural backgrounds builds on respect for one another.

I have always admired and respected people of various cultural backgrounds and I would like to learn from my fellow students as well as my teachers. My ideal school must have knowledgably and motivated teachers who know how to effectively communicate their knowledge in the classroom. Knowing the information means nothing if the teacher is not able to communicate this information to the students.In my ideal school a good teacher takes the knowledge and presents it in such a way that the students will readily understand it and be able to utilize the information.

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On the other hand, a bad teacher will make it almost impossible to understand even the simplest things. In my ideal school the teachers will seek to find new and interesting ways to present material to the students (even on an individual basis), and they will help to motivate their students and show them that the material they are learning is relevant.The most important responsibility of a teacher in my ideal school will be to ensure high academic achievement for all students. In conclusion my ideal school will consist of students who want to learn and teachers who want to teach.

This school will be a partnership between the students and the teachers. It will be a positive and friendly environment for everyone involved and everyone who is there will want to be there.

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