GERALD his name? • Do you know

GERALD his name? • Do you know

GERALD DURRELL’S MY FAMILY AND OTHER ANIMALS AUTHOR • Find some information about him and write a short obituary1. • What were his major works? • What was his major interest in life? This website http://www. durrell. org/ and some reference sites such as Google or Wikipedia may help you to find information. Gerald had a brother who became a famous writer.

• What was his name? • Do you know anything about his life & work? SETTING • Where does the action take place? What do you know about the place? • Draw a map of Greece and locate the island on it. What’s its name in English? And in Greek? • Why do you think the family moves to that particular island? What was the relation of the island with GB during the XIX-XXth centuries? • How many houses does the family occupy? Why do they move so much? PLOT • Make a list of the animals that appear in the book. Where does he find them? Are they common in your area? • Do you like animals? Do you have any pets?What do you think about Gerald’s love of animals? • What kind of education does little Gerald receive? How are his teachers? Does he like them? Did it affect his professional? future • How is your education? How are your teachers? Do you think that your education will affect your professional future? • How is the family life? Is it a conventional family? How do they take decisions? • Describe your family. How is it? How do you take decisions? • Write a short summary of the book.

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Remember: | |Do NOT to copy and paste; look for information, read by yourself, understand and reelaborate with your OWN personal words. | |Do NOT use an automatic translation system, it is very easy to detect and you will have to rewrite your essay. | ———————– 1 A notice of a person’s death usually with a short biographical account.

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