Which character in this work

Which character in this work

Which character in this work reminds you of people you know? In the novel MyAntonia, Anton Cazak reminds me of my neighbor. Anton Cazak is a considerategood-humored man. He shows this in the story when he is polite enough tosubstitute English for Bohemian since Jim is his guest. He also presents hisgift of a paper snake gently to little Jan to lift the spirits of the child.Anton Cazak is a kind of person who also likes children and finds them amusing.

He is also so charitable that he misses living in the city but stays and worksvery hard on the farm because of Antonia staying with them. My neighbor is alsoa considerate good-humored man with a good nature because when my lawn mowerbroke I borrowed his. During the time I was using his lawn mower, he fixed mylawn mower and returned it back to me. He is also very courteous, my neighborshowed this when he cancelled his anniversary party just because my baby sisterwas sick, and he did not want to disturb her. This shows that my neighbor isjust like Anton Cazak because they are both good-hearted, good humored and veryconsiderate people.

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In the Novel My Antonia, Anton Cazak was kind andconsiderate many people liked him and respected him. This is just like myneighbors on my block, because of my next door neighbors great personality theyall respect him in a way that nobody else does. It shows that if you treatpeople nicely they also treat you back with generosity. What kind of barriers orobstacles did a character or characters overcome? One of the barriers thecharacters overcome in the novel My Antonia is the language barrier unable tocommunicate the newly arrived family the Shimendas needed help surviving in theNebraska climate second barrier is the severe winter. Were the winter lesssevere the simendas might have been able to escape there unpleasant life ofliving in the cave because of not having a house built yet.

Third barrier andfinal barrier has the lack of cooperation among the immigrants themselves. Theshimendas faced many barriers after some losses the shimendas finally defeatedthe foes.English Essays

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