Having an ardent desire or

Having an ardent desire or

Avid: Having an ardent desire or unbounded craving; greedyBrackish: Having a somewhat salty taste, especially from containing a mixture of seawater and fresh waterCelerity: Swiftness of action or motion; speedCovenant: A binding agreement; a compactDevious: Not straightforward; shiftyGambit: Games An opening in chess in which a minor piece, or pieces, usually a pawn, is offered in exchange for a favorable positionHistrionic: Of or relating to actors or actingHoyden: A high-spirited, boisterous, or saucy girl.Invidious: Tending to rouse ill will, animosity, or resentmentMaelstrom: A violent or turbulent situationOvert: Open and observable; not hidden, concealed, or secretPejorative: Tending to make or become worsePropound: To put forward for consideration; set forthPropriety: The quality of being proper; appropriatenessSacrilege: Desecration, profanation, misuse, or theft of something sacredSummarily: Presenting the substance in a condensed form; conciseSuppliant: Asking humbly and earnestly; beseechingTalisman: An object marked with magic signs and believed to confer on its bearer supernatural powers or protectionTremulous: Marked by trembling, quivering, or shakingUndulate: To cause to move in a smooth wavelike motion.Bibliography:

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