re. modern. My father and I are

re. modern. My father and I are

re. My family is influenced by different kinds of music arranged from folk to modern.

My father and I are interested in western music. While, my mother is attracted to Asian music such as Chinese operas. My fathers taste in western music is due to an early age exposure to jazz by from grandfather. My grandfather use to live in Hawaii and when he moved back to China he would listen to jazz everyday.

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I also discovered that my father had lived in Hong Kong in the 60s and liked classic Rock and Role. He would constantly tell me that the Beatles and Elvis were the best. Till this day he still listens to classic Rock and Role. The music my father listens to indeed reflects his attitude toward certain aspect. Due to the exposure of western music my father has enable himself to adapt to the customs and ways of life in American. The oldies he enjoys so much has toned him into liking fast rhythm music such as pop, techno, and alternative.

In a positive view he tolerate what I listen to. My mother is more traditional. She only likes music from the Asian countries, mostly from China. Her favorite kind of music is Chinese opera.

The Chinese operas are mostly based on historical events that had actually happened. The kinds of operas I have seen in my house are mostly based on romance. On stage there are usually two people, a man and a woman. Unlike western operas, Chinese operas have dialogues.

What is interesting to me is that the music played in the Chinese operas is awkward, but yet have beats and rhythm. The music that my mother listens to effect her aspect of life greatly. She is very conservative in the respect of keeping the Chinese culture.

Her traditional thinking has blocked off her acceptance of the American culture. She just cannot develop a tune to like music other than Chinese. The fast paced rhythm of Rock, pop and Techno irritates her. Living totally in different places my grandparents from each side of the family had different exposure to music. Grandparents from my father had lived in a westernized city and they were vastly exposed to Jazz, Ragtime and Gospel Music. Grandparents on my mother side had lived in China and they were only exposed to Chinese opera, classical Pipa music and classical Qin music.

The music my grandparents listen to would be in their pastimes, but other than that nothing is known much about them because they have all passed away.As for my uncle and aunt they enjoy western music too. It is mostly classical music that they listen to. I discovered that they did were not expose to such music at a young age but simply the tune of the music got their interest. I really do not see a great influence the music had on their lives.I enjoy listening to all kinds of western music. I listen to Hip-Hop, Oldies, R&B, Classical, Pop, Techno, and Alternative.

I listen to music as a pastime. I listen to certain type of music at certain moods. Music is a big part of my daily life. The music does not reflect my personality as it is just something I enjoy.The difference influence of music in my family conflict often. My father sees the folk music of China, such as Chinese opera old and misguiding.

My parents argue a lot about there taste in music. My father would argue that Chinese opera has the influence of keeping my mom from accepting new modern ways of life. My mother would argue that the Chinese opera is something likes and will never give it up. My mother would only listen to Chinese opera when my father is not home. In my family music is not an importance to the culture we live by, but indeed serves a major role in keeping our daily lives going. The world is a fast paced placed and music come and go, but the only music that stays forever is the one that is part of a culture or tradition.

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