The drama I read was

The drama I read was

The drama I read was “Murder is a Game”. This is drama is set in the present day at a deserted movie set. The two main characters were Sloan and Toby Bigelow, they were best selling mystery writers, but they had not had a best seller in a while. So their publisher, Lois, decided to help them by arranging for about seven actors go to a deserted movie set and pretend that there were murders.

The actors, known as Nick, B.B., Stephen, Cora, and June, were given fake names and a card telling them about the character they were playing and that was all.

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Slowly the actors all began to arrive at the set, after Sloan and Toby had been there for about an hour. Lois took a part off their car so they couldn’t leave, and she left. Sloan decided that Toby should pretend to be the butler so they could spy and maybe solve the mystery sooner. Finally everyone arrives, they are introducing themselves and they hear a knock, they figure out that it is coming from the trap door. They all rush over to open it, when they open it Lois falls into Stephen’s arms. He drags her over to the chair and pronounces her dead. Stephen was playing the part of the doctor, so everyone believed him.

That same evening everyone is out of character and they are all playing charades and Nick takes a drink and then falls to the ground. Nick didn’t die but he had been poisoned and he couldn’t speak. Slowly everyone works together to figure out who the murderer is-the murderer is Stephen, but the he wasn’t really an actor, but he was Lois’ boyfriend. But he wasn’t actually a murderer because Lois didn’t die either the whole think was set up. The weekend was planned perfectly and no one really knew what was happening except Stephen and Lois. After Nick and Lois coming back to life the Bigelows had found a plot for their next murder mystery and the was the whole point of the “game”.Bibliography:

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