Cole London a short 10 miles from Windsor

Cole London a short 10 miles from Windsor

Cole Barton Hour 5 ”Motocross: A Sport like No Other” Everybody that is in a sport says there’s is the best . And, some people think that motocross is only twisting the throttle and riding a bike- but try roaring off of a starting gate with 20- 40 of the worlds best riders, around a tight corner and into 3 foot whoops, over 80 foot doubles, and around corners at 40 mph through any weather and terrain conditions. Nate Adams once said “”Once motocross gets in your blood, it stays with you forever.

Today, I am going to explain the amazing, fast paced, intense, sport of motocross. But Motocross is more than a sport it’s a lifestyle. People who ride motocross competitively are constantly working on their bikes, practicing, and traveling to different tracks.

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For those uninformed of what motocross is,Motocross is competition dirt bike racing which takes place on either large outdoor tracks, or indoor tracks during cold weather racing.There are many obstacles such as jumps that can be as long as 100 feet, to closely packed rollers, called whoops that can be knee deep in depth. Along with manmade obstacles, after a full day of racing the track will form deep ruts due to the dirt bikes tires, and large braking bumps that can very easily throw a rider over the bars. All of this is can be competed by as many as 40 riders at a time.

History of Motocross started in the early 1900s after WW1 in Great Britain, outside of London a short 10 miles from Windsor Castle.The riders rode any kind of road bikes with just adjusted suspension and different tires. In Great Britain, they were raced in “scrambles” – 20 mile courses over the countrysides . By the 1930’s race teams were made and scrambles became a popular sport in Great Britain.

During the 1950’s, organized scrambles began happening in the United States. It was in the 1970’s when motocross developed into the sport we know today with different styles of racing and riding.Some of those varieties of racing was Freestyle Motocross, riders perform two routines, lasting between 90 seconds and 14 minutes, on a course with multiple jumps and lengths then judges assigns each rider a score based on a 100-point scale, looking for difficult tricks and variations over jumps. Freestyle does have rewards and consequences At the 2008 Summer X games Jim Dechamp tried a front flip. He was not able to land it and crashed during the attempt, also breaking his back. And In early 2009, Metal Mulisha rider Jeremy Lusk attempted a Heart Attack Backflip.

But he under-rotated, and crashed, hitting his head on the landing. On February 10, he was pronounced dead due to head and spinal cord injuries. Many of you are probably thinking “why”. Why do motocross riders spend countless hours in the garage working on their bikes? Why do riders risk their lives on a weekly basis? Why do riders spend countless dollars to race? But There is no one answer to that question, it different for every rider. As Jeremy Lusk once said , it is simply the escape from everyday life, when I’m riding, I don’t have to worry of any problems I can just ride

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