International of summer I wanted to go abroad

International of summer I wanted to go abroad

International Business Academy Marketing and Management Skamlingvejen 32 6000 Kolding Denmark Dear Sir/Madam, I am citizen of Latvia and I am very proud to be one.

I was born in 1990 in a city called Tukums. I graduated Tukuma evening and part-time Secondary School on June 2011. While I was learning in that school I participated in many school activities such as english olympiads and geography olympiads. I also was part of local art school as a woodcarver, I enjoyed time spent there because I met new people and some of them became very good friends to me and it was good experience, which I allways try to get as more as possible.When I was younger I participated in local velo sport activities. Since I allways try to get new experiences, 3 years ago I was living in London, Charlton that was first time when I met people from different country’s and I was very excited about that.

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I started to work there as a griller in famous chicken restaurant Nando’s and I continued to work hard there and got promoted to managers assistant, and since then I realised that I want to connect my life with helping companies to grow bigger and develop new ideas in these hard times.I fully recognize that our political, economic, and technological environments are constantly changing, and thus management needs to be able to adapt quickly and accurately to the new conditions if the company is to survive, let alone prosper. It was just a summer job which gave me right inspiration of what I want. Then I got back to my homeland and started my way to achieve this goal. First I had to finish Secondary school which I already done.

At the middle of summer I wanted to go abroad to earn some money for education, but then I found information about Denmark’s incredible school programmes thanks to StudyStart.On their homepage I found all information I needed to start my biggest journey and challenge of my life, to study abroad. At the moment I am at Greve, near Copenhagen, where my father works. I choosed International Business Academy as my possible school to get my goal because I have good feeling about my choice and as far as i know it is located in Kolding, seventh largest town in Denmark with great sightseeings and museums.

Sincerelly, Arnolds Sidabrs

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