I the door. The one guy that

I the door. The one guy that

I was in math class on a Thursday. It was raining pretty hard. I was wearing a brand new outfit and brand new shoes. My outfit was black and purple. My new shoes were black boots.

I had two pair of socks on also, one black and one purple. I thought I was the best thing there. I felt so pretty. Everyone was flirting with me. Everyone including the guys that never gave me a second look before.

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Class was normal; people throwing paper wads and chock. After class, there was always this race to the door. All the guys ran for it every day. Since I thought I was miss thing I decided I would run for it. Just out side there was a ramp from the door to the ground. When the bell rang we all looked at each other and we all started to run to the door, and I winning.

I was first in line. I swung the door open, my hair started to get wet. People were pushing me from behind, and because my shoes were new I was trying to be very careful while running down the ramp. I started to lose my footing; my feet were sliding all over the ramp.

All of a sudden my feet were going faster than I was and I landed right on my butt, with everyone laughing at me and trampling me just to get out the door. The one guy that helped me up while laughing very hard was the only guy I had a crush on. Needless to say, I had mud up and down the backside of my new outfit.

And everyone all day kept asking what happened to my outfit. I just told them that I fell and made an ass out of myself. I was so embarrassed but by the end of the day I laughed about it.Words/ Pages : 340 / 24

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