1. Sciences •Science•Technology •History•Social Sciences •Art and Music•Arts

1. Sciences •Science•Technology •History•Social Sciences •Art and Music•Arts

1. Write out a Curriculum policy for your school.

List of important outcomes a child should achieve once they have completed the curriculum at my school. -Social skills -Emotional stability -Physical development -Language and vocabulary -Independence -Love for learning -Aware of their cosmic task -Complete and successful assessment -NB! Can only attain full Montessori curriculum if the child completes the full 3 year cycle. POLICY: At Great Expectations Montessori School, though out the learners pre-primary 3-6 year old cycle, the child will be exposed to all learning areas within the Montessori curriculum.By working through the Montessori curriculum in its entirety, each learner will be exposed to learning areas that will develop the child as a whole, thus ensuring social, emotional, physical, intellectual and spiritual development. The ultimate outcome for our 3-6 programme is an independent learner that has a love for learning and an internal understanding of their cosmic task, in other words an understanding that their role in life should always be to the betterment of the world.Through out the 3-6 pre-primary cycle the learner will be continually assessed, ensuring that they meet the required outcomes of the Montessori curriculum as well as the Revised National Curriculum.

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2. Note the different Syllabus areas of your school. Are they all complete? Are there areas that need attention and addition? Montessori CurriculumRevised National Curriculum •Practical Life•Life Orientation •Sensorial•Development and refinement of the senses •Mathematics•Numeracy •Language•Literacy First Language – English •Botany •Natural Sciences •Zoology•Natural Sciences •Geography•Natural Sciences •Science•Technology •History•Social Sciences •Art and Music•Arts and Culture In our learning environment the learning areas are not all complete. The following areas are very comprehensive: •Practical life •Sensorial •Mathematics •Language The following areas need more materials: •Cultural •Art and Music The following areas need to be added to extensively: •Geography •History •ScienceUnfortunately the biggest obstacle is the lack of space in the environment. 3.

Write a Scheme of Work for the third term of the year (this way you will get ahead of yourself). Put in as much detail as you can. Topic:AFRICA Date: 3rd Term LANGUAGE: -Classified cards with objects in different languages (focus on 5 languages found in Africa and colour code the cards) -Label objects in the classroom in other languages -African tales in literature -African poetry MATHS: -Count in different languages Briefly look at the history of numbers in Africa CULTURAL: (Focusing on 10 different countries in Africa) -Countries and flags (Week 1) -Different cultures (specifically related to children) (Week 2 & 3) -Different languages (Week 4) -Different religious beliefs (Week 5 & 6) -Needs of Man (Transport, housing, food etc) (Week 7 -10) ART PROJECT -recreate cave paintings on rocks (history of art on Africa) -investigate different types of art in Africa MUSIC/SONG -African folk songs STORY -African tales (as in language)

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