Molybdenum (Mo) has wide applications in many pharmaceutical and biological areas 1. Mo is an economically important silvery-white transition metal and has five main oxidation states ranging from (+2) to (+6). It belongs to group 6 between chromium (Cr) and tungsten (W) in the periodic table with an atomic number of 42 and an atomic mass of 96 2,3. Mo is a bio-essential element for humans, animals, and plants that have relatively low toxicity because it is a component or co-factor of enzymes which are essential for life, so without Mo, organisms cannot function and will show signs of deficiency 4,5. Metallic Mo offers many advantages like good corrosion resistance, excellent mechanical, thermal, electrical properties, high temperature and melting point (2883 K) due to the low coefficient of its thermal expansion and a high thermal conductivity. These excellent properties make it be widely used in electronics, metallurgy, aerospace and electrical industries 6-8.


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