Address She is currently in a precarious

Address She is currently in a precarious

Address Here 8 May 2011 To Whom It May Concern, RE: Appeal for Module Debarr and Financial Aid Dear Sir/Madam, I write to you in appeal for the possibility of requesting leniency towards my case involving my progression to the next semester. I understand that it is stated in the school policy that in order to progress to the next level, I must uphold at least 80% in my attendance record in which I fall below by 3%. I plead for your understanding in my case to which I have several explanations attributing to my attendance falling to 77%. Firstly, I am a child of a single parent.As the eldest child, I hold the responsibilities of majorly contributing to the overall household income, with the help of two jobs that I am currently withholding. This includes to the contribution of household bills and rent.

I am also supporting my own expenditure, which includes the school fees, and at the same time, contributing to my younger sibling’s daily allowances. On top of that, I am supporting my mother’s medical fees, in which she is currently suffering from chronic diabetes and high blood pressure. She is currently in a precarious state.If her high blood pressure rises, it could be extremely fatal. The two jobs I am juggling are just enough to make ends’ meet.

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In addition, due to these unforeseen circumstances, there has been shortage in funds in contributing to my school fees and the upcoming Melbourne trip to the city campus. I admit it is my own responsibility and mistake that I did not keep track of my attendance record. It would not so be the case, without the above-mentioned attributing factors that has resulted to my present situation. Please understand that I am still a willing student in *insert ourse name* and I hope that this issue would not be an obstacle in allowing me to pursue my degree. Should this appeal fall through, I ensure you that this mistake would not be repeated again, with reference to my previous semesters before this one, that holds an adequate percentage in my attendance record. Secondly, I wish to discuss for a second appeal in receiving financial aid in any way possible that would allow me to give my fullest potential as a student in (institution name). The above-mentioned factors have obviously minimized my optimal chance in attaining the Bursary, which was not successful.

I supplicate to you to allow a second review on my application with understanding towards my current situation. As you can see, the only possible solution to resolve my plight is to seek as much financial help as possible as well as your understanding in this mater. Once again, I apologize and I hope sincerely that you would consider my appeal with your upmost attention. Your gracious understanding is very much appreciated and with whatever aid should I receive, will be taken with absolute gratitude. Yours Sincerely, Sign off

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