Mickey his friends left him on a raft

Mickey his friends left him on a raft

Mickey Mantle was a stupendous ball player. He was great at playingbaseball because he practiced a lot. His whole baseball career, is the career that I dream of having. He played in 12 of his 18 career years in the World Serieswith the Yankee’s. When Mickey Mantle was growing up, he was small, and spindly.

His nickname was “little Mick” when he was a child. Mantle went to Commerce grade school. When Mickey was little, he always thought about baseball (Falkner 21). His parents bought baseball gloves for him, but his mom made his uniforms.

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When he started playing he always was a good hitter from the right side. He was a little bit scared of the ball. Whenever the ball curved, he dropped so it would not hit him.

His Dad was one that taught him how to switchhit. His dad and grandpa always got some games going after school with some of Mickey’s friends (Falkner 22).The people who taught him how to play the game were his father and grandfather. He practiced with them for at least 2 hours a day (Falkner 23). Mickey played sports and games whenever he could. He just could not stay away from the game of baseball. The one sport that Mickey did not want anything to do with was swimming.

The reason why was because swimming almost cost him hislifeOnce him and his friends were swimming in a river,and they were not supposed to, and a lady came and seen them, and his friends left him on a raft and he could not swim, and he fell off and almost drowned.Mickey did not like school . He looked forward to recess andafter school.

Baseball was a big thing in Oklahoma. Everyone went to watch the kids play (Falkner 30). Mantle was one of the fortunate kids, he could throw and bat right and left handed (Falkner 31). Mickey was one of the fewkids that could throw a knuckle ball, even though he was not a pitcher. Mickey as one of the best players in little league, and even won the championship of little league (Falkner 32). Mickey’s father always wanted Mickey to bat left anded, even thoughMickey liked to hit right handed.

So whenever his father was ot there, he would hit right, and when his dad was there, he would bat left. If his dad came during the game the coaches would yell “here he comes”, and that meant to switch to the left side. One time they did not see his dad, and his dad seen him batting right handed. His dad then demanded the coach to take out Mickey from the game right then and there (Falkner 33). His dad was strict.

Mickey Charles Mantle was born October 20, 1931 in Spavinaw, Oklahoma. He became one of the greatest major league baseball players of all time. Mantle usually played shortstop, but when he got to the Yankee’s, theposition was taken, so he played centerfield. He was a rookie in 1951, when he replaced the great Joe DiMaggio at the position centerfield. Mantle was a switch-hitting batter who combined a powerful combination of batting power and speed.

n 1956, Mantle won baseballs “Triple Crown Leader”, leading the league in batting average (.353), homeruns (52), and (RBI’S) runs batted in (130).Mantle retired from professional baseball on March 1, 1969 after having hit 536 career homeruns.

In 1974Mantle was included into the Hall of Fame.Mantle died in Dallas, TX on August 13, 1995 of liver failure.key Mantle ranks among the leaders in homerun hitters in baseballhistory.

He hit 536 homeruns in his career. He played for the Yankees for 18years ( his whole career). He also brought them to 12 World Series. For his career in the World Series he hit 18 homeruns ( World Book 168-169)Here are his Milestones of baseball: 1) AMERICAN LEAGUE MVP (MOST VALUABLE PLAYER) 1956,57,62., 2) LED AL IN HOMERUNS 1955,56,58,60., 3) CAREER GRANDSLAMS 9 4) PINCH HIT HOMERUNS 7.


, 8) CAREER HOMERUNS 536 (EIGHTH PLACE)., 9) MOST AT BATS FOR THE YANKEE’S 8,102., 10) WON AL TRIPLE CROWN 1956., 11) ELECTED TO BASEBALL HALL OF FAME 1974.”What can you say about Mickey after you say he was one of the greatest? He had talent he didn’t even realized he had.

If he had DiMaggio’s serious bear-down attitude, there’s not telling how great he could have been. With his onegood leg, he could outrun everyone.”(Former teammate Gene Woodix) ( Yahoo)”Mickey meant an awful lot to me. He was a tremendous athlete. Peopledn’t understand him the way they should have. He played 10 years on one leg.

ut more than that, he was a tremendous person.” ( Homerun King Henny”Hank”Aaron) (Yahoo)”I’ll remember he used to get very mad at himself if he failed to hit. I’ll ever forget how hard he played all the time, especially the catch he made inmy perfect game.”( Don Larsen, who pitched a perfect game in the World Series in 56) (Yahoo)There are four things we can learn from Mickey Mantle’s life:1) Our friends have a big influence on us.

2) Alcohol is a destructive enemy and not a friend.3) The law of sowing ; reaping is true.4) God’s grace is within the reach of the greatest sinner. (Mickey Mantle) (Yahoo)These are Mickey Mantle’s words “God gave me everything and I blew it.For the kids out there, don’t be like me!” (Yahoo)Mickey Mantle was one of the best ball players in history. These are thereasons why I dream of having a similar baseball career.

I only wish I would havebeen able to watch him play.

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