Meteorology 33020G30KT 3SM SHRA BR OVC005BECMG 0305 P6SM

Meteorology 33020G30KT 3SM SHRA BR OVC005BECMG 0305 P6SM

Meteorology 113Midterm1.METAR CYSX 161700Z 24015KT 3SM SN OVC015 4/-5 aq3006 RMK SC8 SLP221In the weather report above, what is the: (include units) (6 marks)WindPrevailing VisibilityCurrent WeatherClouds (base and type)Temperature / Dew PointAltimeter Setting2.Name two weather elements normally found in a Metar that will not be reported in a SPECI. (2 marks)3. SKC in a TAF stands for ____________________________________________.

4.Decode completely 1/2SM + RA BR VV020. (3 marks)5. TAF CYPR 061742Z 061806 26015G25KT P6SM SCT020 BKN060FM1800Z 33015G25KT P6SM SCT012 BKN025TEMPO 18045SM SHRAOVC012FM0400Z 33020G30KT 3SM SHRA BR OVC005BECMG 0305 P6SM NSW SCT005 OVC012(a)What is the period of this TAF? (2 marks)(b)At 2000Z what is the forecast surface wind? (2 marks)(c)What is the lowest ceiling forecast between 18 and 06Z?(d)At 0500Z what weather conditions are being forecast at CYPR? (5 marks)Wind__________________________________________________________________Ceiling_________________________________________________________________Visibility_______________________________________________________________Weather and/or obstruction to vision_________________________________________________________________________________________________________________(e) At what time are winds forecast to begin to decrease? Explain your answer. (2 marks) 6.FDCN03 CWAO 051530FCST BASED ON 051200 DATA VALID 061200 FOR USE 06-173000600090001200018000YVR 18382048+032146-032251-082264-19YYF 99001912-012231-032248-072766-18YXC2307+002428-022537-072544-17YZP20262127-052128-122131-192041-31YZT 22152222-032231-082139-142060-25YPU2115-022139-062149-122064-23YXS1834-042240-052246-102056-22YYD1721-062133-092040-151953-27(a)What is the valid period for the forecast winds above? (b)In the digital winds above, wind direction is forecast in degrees____________and wind speed in_____________. (2 marks)(c)What is the forecast wind (direction and speed) and temperature at 12,000 feet over Puntzi Mountian (YPU)? (2 marks)(d)What is the forecast wind direction and speed at 9,000 feet over Kelowna?(2 marks)(e)Estimate the wind direction and speed and temperature over Penticton (YYF) at 15,000 feet.

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(3 marks)7.Decode completely the following digital wind for 34,000 feet 619935. (4 marks)8.You are flying at 10,000 feet towards an airport with elevation of 2,127 feet. You ask the FSS operator for the current digit winds at 3, 6 and 9 thousand feet and are told that no wind is available for 3,000 feet. Why is no wind available?9.

On a Clouds and Weather panel of a graphic area forecast cloud layers will be described as to:(a)amount and the base of the cloud(b)amount and the top of the cloud(c)amount and the bases and top of the cloud(d)none of the above10.For an equivalent amount of cooling, more energy is released during condensation at ____________________temperatures.(a)colder(b)warmer(c)they will be the same(d)energy will be absorbed, not released11.The three principle properties of the atmosphere are:(a)rain, snow, hail(b)heat, cold, moisture(c)expansion, compression, mobility(d)pressure, temperature, wind12.Atmospheric processes which effect the weather are, for the most part, restricted to the:(a)thermosphere(b)mesosphere(c)stratosphere(d)troposphere13.The temperature in the lowest part of the stratosphere_______________with altitude.(a)increases(b)nearly constant (c)decreases slowly(d)decreases rapidly14.

Why when using a graphic area forecast is it important to be aware of the elevation of the local topography? (2 marks)15.The following phrase is found in a graphical area forecast. Decode and explain the significance of CIGS 3-8 AGL. (3 Marks)16.The term IFR CIG/SN is a forecast of what meteorological conditions. (3 marks)17.____________________ heat is the energy absorbed or released during a phase change of water.

(1 mark)18.Define Saturation. (2 marks)19.The small particles in the atmosphere that are necessary for condensation to occur are called ________________________________________. (1 mark)20.

Define:a)Relative Humidity (2 marks)b)Dew Point ( 2 marks)21.The boundary between the troposphere and _________________________ is called the ___________________________. (2 marks)22.The combined effects of ___________________ and _____________________ causes the lower several thousand feet of the atmosphere to be heated from below. (2 marks)23.

Name three methods that heat is distributed through the atmosphere. (3 marks)a) ________________________________b) ________________________________c) ________________________________

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