Name: side. The clubs are arranged with

Name: side. The clubs are arranged with

Name: Golfsmith InternationalDate: 8/09/04Location Brick and Mortar Date Visited 8/06/04Address: 3635 East foothill blvd.

Time of Visit: 4:00 pmLength of Visit: 35 minutesThe type of merchandise can be categorized into four basicclassifications: clubs, apparel, travel and accessories. The Club vendorsthat are carried are: Taylormade, Callaway, Titleist, King cobra, Adams,Ben Hogan, Cleveland, Ping, and Nike. The in house private labels are:Zevo, Lynx, Killer Bee, and Snake Eyes. Apparel and shoe vendors are:Adidas, Footjoy, Nike, Callaway, Ashworth, Oakley, Ecco, Bite, Greg Norman,Tehama, Pebble Beach, LPGA, Lady Fairway, Ping, Sun Mountain, and Etonic.All accessories are either Golden Eagle or Gear for Golf.The store is divided into three main sections with clubs on the leftside, accessories and components in the middle and apparel and travel onthe right side. The clubs are arranged with the most expensive and popularin the front.

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It also starts with the drivers on the front bays, ironsmounted along the wall, wedges in the back bays ending with a pre-ownedsection in the far back. The apparel section is the smallest of the store.It is arranged with 4×4 fixtures in the middle and mounted displays on thethree surrounding walls. Only polo’s shirts and shorts are carried. Theshoe department is a little larger than the clothing. It has threesurrounding walls with a hero wall displaying the available assortment onthe back wall.

Accessories are in the middle of the store. They are insections clearly labeled: head covers, gloves, balls, components, trainingaids, gifts, tees, and miscellaneous accessories.The ball displays are the most prominent. They are situated right inthe front and the boxes are very colorful and bright.The polo’s come in an assortment of colors such as blue, black green,white, yellow, orange, red, purple, and brown.

The style ranges from solidshirts to small stripes, wide stripes, prints, and waffle print.Only one main style is carried and that is the polo’s.The size ranges are pretty basic.

For men the range is medium to extra-extra large.Women’s sizes range from extra small to extra large. For shoes the sizesrange from 8 to 13 for men; and 5.5 to 10 for women.

The best selling colors in the clothing department are light blue,white, and light yellow. This is because of the hot weather and nobodywants to be outside in the sun golfing in a black shirt.The best selling items in this channel are the light colored poloshirts. This is because of the warm weather. For clubs the R-7 quad is thebest seller of the season.

It is the newest club on the market and mostpopular on tour. It is a highly customizable club and that is what isbringing on its popularity. The Nike one black and Titleist Pro V1 ballsare the big seller in the balls.

They have a hard time keeping both ofthose stocked due to the high demand.Merchandise MixRachel SeltunCourtney Rudisill Emily MarinRetail EnvironmentMonday 12:00August 9, 2004

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