ThorazineIndications/Use: teaching/Labs: Avoid alcohol, go to sleep

ThorazineIndications/Use: teaching/Labs: Avoid alcohol, go to sleep

ThorazineIndications/Use: Acute and chronic psychosisUsual Dosage: 200mg per day, up to 1g per daySide effects: Sedation, blurred vision, photo sensitivityInteractions/Contraindications: Hyper sensitivity, pregnancy or lactationPatient teaching/Labs: May cause drowsinessMellarilIndication/Use: AntipsychoticUsual Dosage: 50 – 100mg 2x daily, up to 800mg dailySide effects: Neuroleptic Malignant Syndrome, sedation, blurred visionInteractions/Contraindications: Other phenothiazines, diuretics increase risk of dehydrationPatient teaching/Labs: May cause drowsinessHaldolIndications/Use: AntipsychoticUsual Dosage: 0.5 – 5mg 2-3 x daily, up to 100mg dailySide effects: Seizures, extra pyramidal reactions, blurred visionInteractions/Contraindications: CNS depression with alcohol and other depressantsPatient teaching/Labs: May cause drowsiness, avoid alcoholArtaneIndications/Use: Antiparkison agentUsual Dosage: 6 – 10mg daily divided in 3 dosesSide effects: Dizziness, nervousness, blurred vision, nauseaInteractions/Contraindications: Epilepsy, resp. disease, pregnancy or lactationPatient teaching/Labs: Avoid alcoholAtivanIndications/Use: Antianxiety, sedative/hypnoticUsual Dosage: 1 – 3mg daily 2-3 x dailySide effects: Apnea, cardiac arrest, drowsinessInteractions/Contraindications: CNS suppressant, alcohol, analgesicsPatient teaching/Labs: May cause drowsiness, avoid alcoholCogentinIndications/Use: AntiparkinsonUsual Dosage: 1 – 2mg/daily divided in 2 dosesSide effects: Blurred vision, dry eyes, constipationInteractions/Contraindications: Antihistamines, phenothiazines, TCA antidepressantsPatient teaching/Labs: May cause drowsiness, avoid antacidsRisperdalIndications/Use: Antipsychotic (schizophrenia)Usual Dosage: 1mg/2 x daily, after 3rd day increase to 3mg/2 x dailySide effects: Neuroleptic Malignant Syndrome, aggressive behaviorInteractions/Contraindications: Hypersensitivity, liver dysfunction, pregnancyPatient teaching/Labs: May cause drowsiness, avoid alcoholRestorilIndications/Use: Sedative/Hypnotic (insomnia)Usual Dosage: 15 – 30mg @ bedtimeSide effects: Hangover, lethargy, blurred visionInteractions/Contraindications: CNS depression with alcohol, antidepressantPatient teaching/Labs: Avoid nicotine, caffeine, and alcoholAmbienIndications/Use: Sedative/Hypnotic (insomnia)Usual Dosage: 10mg @ bedtimeSide effects: Amnesia, “drugged” feelingInteractions/Contraindications: increase CNS depression with antidepressants and sedative/hypnoticsPatient teaching/Labs: Avoid alcohol, go to sleep after takingProlixinIndications/Use: AntipsychoticUsual Dosage: 12.5 – 25mg may be repeated every 1-4 weeksSide effects: Extra pyramidal reactions, photo sensitivityInteractions/Contraindications: Increase CNS depression with alcohol, antihistaminesPatient teaching/Labs: May cause drowsiness, use sun cream when in sunDepakoteIndications/Use: Anticonvulsant (seizures)Usual Dosage: 5 – 15mg/kg/daySide effects: Hepatotoxicity, indigestion, toxicity Interactions/Contraindications: Increase risk for bleeding with antiplatelet agent, CNS depressionPatient teaching/Labs: Avoid taking aspirin, contact doctor if anorexia or abdominal pain occursDilantinIndications/Use: AnticonvulsantUsual Dosage: 300 – 400mg/dailySide effects: Ataxia, nystagmus, hypotensionInteractions/Contraindications: Hyper sensitivity, alcohol intolerancePatient teaching/Labs: May cause drowsiness, avoid alcoholClozarilIndications/Use: Antipsychotic (schizophrenia)Usual Dosage: 300 – 450mg/dailySide effects: Seizures, myocarditis, leukopeniaInteractions/Contraindications: Malnourished PTS or PTS with cardio, hepatic, or renal diseasePatient teaching/Labs: Avoid alcoholLithiumIndications/Use: Antimanic (mania)Usual Dosage: 300mg/3 x dailySide effects: Seizures, arrhythmiasInteractions/Contraindications: Severe cardio or renal disease, NSAIDs high risk for toxicityPatient teaching/Labs: ECG evaluation before and after treatment if prior heart conditionAriceptIndications/Use: Anti Alzheimer’s agent (dementia)Usual Dosage: 10mg/dailySide effects: Headache, diarrhea, nauseaInteractions/Contraindications: Cardiac disease, extreme muscle relaxation with succinycholinePatient teaching/Labs: ElavilIndications/Use: AntidepressantUsual Dosage: 75 – 150mg/dailySide effects: Lethargy, sedation, arrhythmiasInteractions/Contraindications: Narrow angle glaucomaPatient teaching/Labs: May cause drowsiness, blurred visionBusparIndications/Use: AntianxietyUsual Dosage: 5mg/3 x dailySide effects: Dizziness, drowsiness, headache, fatigueInteractions/Contraindications: Use with MAIOs may result in hypertension, hypersensitivityPatient teaching/Labs: Avoid alcohol and driving when usingPaxilIndications/Use: Antianxiety/AntidepressantUsual Dosage: 20mg/dailySide effects: Anxiety, dizziness, drowsinessInteractions/Contraindications: Serious reactions with MAOIs, hypersensitivityPatient teaching/Labs: Avoid alcohol, wear sunglasses and sun cream when in sunZoloftIndications/Use: AntidepressantUsual Dosage: 50mg/daily or up to 200mg/daily depending on responseSide effects: Dizziness, drowsiness, sexual dysfunctionInteractions/Contraindications: Serious reactions with MAOIs, hypersensitivityPatient teaching/Labs: Avoid alcohol, wear sunglasses and sun cream when in sunProzacIndications/Use: AntidepressantUsual Dosage: 10 – 60mg/dailySide effects: Seizures, anxiety, drowsinessInteractions/Contraindications: Discontinue MAOIs for 14 days prior to usePatient teaching/Labs: Avoid alcohol, wear sunglasses and sun cream when in sunTofranilIndications/Use: AntidepressantUsual Dosage: 25 – 50mg/3 x dailySide effects: Drowsiness, fatigue, arrhythmiasInteractions/Contraindications: Hypersensitivity, may cause serious side effect in conjunction with MAOIsPatient teaching/Labs: Monitor baseline and periodic ECGs in patients with heart diseaseTegretolIndications/Use: AnticonvulsantUsual Dosage: 200mg/2 x dailySide effects: Ataxia, drowsinessInteractions/Contraindications: Hypersensitivity, use with MAOI inhibitors may increase tensionPatient teaching/Labs: KlonopinIndications/Use: AnticonvulsantUsual Dosage: No more than 20mg/dailySide effects: Behavioral changes, drowsiness, ataxiaInteractions/Contraindications: Alcohol, antidepressants, antihistaminesPatient teaching/Labs: Observe, record intensity duration and location of seizureXanaxIndications/Use: AntianxietyUsual Dosage: No more than 10mg/dailySide effects: Dizziness, drowsiness, lethargyInteractions/Contraindications: Alcohol, antidepressants and other benzodiazepinesPatient teaching/Labs: Avoid driving or

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