MEDICAL believe that they cannot and will not

MEDICAL believe that they cannot and will not

MEDICAL INSURANCE IS NON-BENIFICIALThe initial idea of medical insurance should have been a good idea as a way ofhelping Americans afford medical bills in a case of emergency or just routine physicalsand check-ups. A lot of lower class Americans could not afford the treatment and wouldtherefore go without medical attention in both of these cases. In cases of emergency, theywould usually be put in to collection because they could not pay the bills after thetreatment.

The government decided to set a plan to have humans insured, just likeautomobiles, to supposedly make medical treatment available to all people – high, middle,or low class. This should have been a good idea..

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.however, I believe that it has only madethings less affordable.By making this plan for insurance on human health, the insurance agencies aremaking trillions upon trillions of dollars on people who would usually skip going to thedoctor for a common cold. Initially, the insurance policies were made to help inemergency situations for people who had a broken a leg, or had to have major surgery andcould not afford the price of high-technology treatment. The insurance would have madethe customer pay about fifty dollars a month out of theyre hard-earned money whetherthey were going to use it or not, for medical treatment. Still, the insurance did not coverall of the expenses even though the customer is shelling out thousands of dollars,sometimes for nothing.

It is just another way for a large insurance business to makepeople believe that they need to insure their own health, like they were a possession or anitem. Now people are paying for insurance that they seldom use, but feel better becausethe business has made them believe that they cannot and will not live without medicalinsurance.Another bad result of medical insurance is that it has turned the entire field ofmedicine in to a financial playground of human life. Doctors are supposed to treat allpatients equally, as opposed to treating only those with insurance first, no matter what thecircumstance. People who cannot afford health insurance or are not offered the option bytheir jobs are usually facing the problems of the prices that are now raised as a result ofthe entire insurance idea.

Not only is health insurance making the doctors care less abouttheir patients, it is also raising the prices higher on already outrageous medical bills. In conclusion, I believe that the medical insurance idea is argumentive, becausethere are a lot of repercussions that people may or may not have thought about. Theinsurance companies are benifiting immensely, but are we? The prices of medicaltreatments are rising, the doctors attention to actual patients as opposed to who hasinsurance is diminishing, and less people are benefiting from health insurance. I do notthink that medical insurance should have been proposed in the first place. I do admit thatit should have been a benifit to Americans, but I have yet to see everyone benifit asinnitialy planned.

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