McDonald’s neat and someone that isn’t a regular

McDonald’s neat and someone that isn’t a regular

McDonald’s is the world’s leading food service retailer with more than 30,000 restaurants in 119 countries serving 47 million customers each day. It is one of the worlds most well-known brands and holds a leading share in the globally branded quick service restaurant segment of the informal eating-out market in every country they do business.

McDonald’s marketing strategy is having friendly people serving the right product with affordable prices. McDonalds’s showcase their restaurants as clean, comfortable and welcoming, and create promotions that resonate with key consumer groups. They want to stay in tune with customer’s lifestyle.Suzanne Drolet is manager of a McDonald’s restaurant in a city with many seniors. To attract seniors to McDonalds’s Suzanne has a $1.99 breakfast special every fourth Monday.

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This was a resounding success. Between 100-150 seniors were attracted initially by that monthly breakfast special for people aged 55 and older. Now that many seniors come for breakfast daily and surely revenue has increased. Most are gone before the lunch crowds at 11:30, however, some stay until at 3 p.m.

McDonald’s strengths are an established fast food restaurant with a friendly caring staff. Suzanne’s employees embrace that philosophy by being friendly and caring to the seniors. Another plus is the seniors are friendly and neat and someone that isn’t a regular would perceive the place as a friendly place. Further they are neater than most customers and clean up their tables before they leave.

This requires less clean-up by the staff.Suzanne is correct to wonder if anything should be done about her growing “non-fast food” clientele. She is concerned that her restaurant might come to be known as an old people’s restaurant which might discourage some younger customers. Suzanne must analyze the facts and make a series of strategy oriented decisions. Currently she is thinking about the problems as she perceives them; however she needs to develop a plan and implement it.Suzanne is considering bingo games during the slow morning hour’s 9 – 11 a.

m. I recommend she start slow by hosting bingo once a week. This will allow her to determine if her perceptions that bingo is popular with some seniors and would be a new revenue source is accurate. The level of effort required to host bingo may not be worth the revenue.

I’m alarmed the prizes are coupons for purchases at her store and they would add up to two thirds of the bingo receipts. The coupons will also take away from future sales. Bingo takes a dedicated staff that Suzanne will need to consider in scheduling employees work schedule. If all of these concerns prove fruitless then I recommend that she start hosting bingo two days a week, then three and so on till she builds up to the five days a week.

They party room area of her McDonalds is obviously under utilized. However, if she holds bingo there every day for the seniors she definitely would be fulfilling her prophecy of turning the fast food restaurant into a meeting place.Opportunities abound for Suzan because of the large community of seniors. She brings in 100-150 seniors every day. I think she should consider other avenues to incorporate seniors and the younger crowd. McDonald’s already has the younger crowd’s approval.

Suzanne should consider a grandparent/grandchild morning out. Have Ronald McDonald present and a special price for happy meals. She should embrace the seniors and present an avenue to attract the younger generation. As a grandparent I’m always for inexpensive fun activities to do with my grandchildren.

In conclusion, I believe Suzanne senior customers are not a threat. Although some stay till three they don’t appear to have an impact on the daily business. Suzanne is in tune with corporate strategy by keeping the customer’s lifestyle in mine. Suzanne’s business level strategy mirrors the corporate level strategy of while in Rome do as the Romans do. I don’t consider seniors staying till three a weakness that jeopardizes Suzanne’s restaurant.

Hosting Bingo may cause more harm then opportunities.

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