Marketing Mix of Vee Technologies analyses which covers 7Ps

Marketing Mix of Vee Technologies analyses which covers 7Ps

Marketing Mix of Vee Technologies analyses which covers 7Ps (Product, People, Price, Place, Process, Promotion, Physical evidence) and explains the Vee Technologies marketing strategy. .

Let us start the Vee Technologies Marketing Mix:
Vee Technologies is a global business process management firm. Vee Technologies provides strategic services to its customers in the following industries:
? Healthcare provider
? Healthcare payer
? Media
? Logistics
? Heavy engineering
? Aerospace and defence
The services offered by Vee Technologies are mainly software related services. All of these are the product & service strategy in its marketing mix.
Vee Technologies Services & solutions division provides these following services – Healthcare BPM and BPO; Medical billing and coding services; Healthcare Payer; Heathcare Provider; Logistic services; Heathcare Analytics; Finance and Accounting Services; Animation Services.

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Vee technologies is using dynamic pricing method based on the solutions of the services according to customer’s requirements. Vee technologies charges a price depending on the market, for similar and common services. For some specific project, when company has to show more dedication in terms of research ; development and employee engagement, the pricing strategy adopted is such that it benefits for client and the company the cost saved by the software, is huge therefore, for better services, Vee Technologies can charge a good amount of fees. Hence it charges a customize fee.
As with growing IT requirements, challenges in IT sector is also growing. Clients want cost based price, if task is not so much demanding .hence competitive pricing marketing mix strategy is an important part of Vee Technologies.
When salaries are significantly low, for proposing better prices to client, cost saving is done through offshoring the employees. Consequently, depending on the talent pool of the company, it always lessor price than its competitors.
The headquarter of the company is in New York, technology hubs in Bangalore, with additional delivery centres in Salem and Chennai.
Vee technologies is a global IT service provider firm and has a worldwide presence. It’s always look after to acquire new customers, by using new market trends. Main clients are based out of US and India. So our customers are managed through pool of employees. India is a great place for hiring new employees by the firm, giving a cost advantage to the firm.
Being in service industry, most promotional activities involves, developing a trustworthy image among the clients. Vee Technologies has many initiatives, CSR activities, references about past deals and positive word of mouth. By using its resources, our firm try to improve the lives of the individuals and communities that it serve.

Since this is a service marketing brand, here are the other three Ps to make it the 7Ps marketing mix of Vee Technologies.

Vee Technologies has several processes for its business and customer service. For making the company future ready Vee Technologies formulated a strategy called DAVID.
Our internal processes lead to extraordinary outcomes and is as simple as 1-2-3:
1. Unique Delivery Processes
? Business understanding
? Process mapping
? Process evaluation (based on complexity, criticality, cost and risk)
? Defining of strategic services roadmap
? Defining Service Level Agreements (SLA)
2. Leading into Efficient Execution
? Deployment of appropriate processes and technology
? Re-engineering of migrated processes
? Implementation and risk strategies
? Transition management
? Resourcing and training
? Implementation and evaluation of pilot
? Assimilation of take-outs from pilot
? Quality management
3. Leading to Delivering a Successful Solution
? Delivering productivity, savings, and quality
? Meeting and exceeding SLAs
? Process and progress reviews
? Planning for the future
? Client side training and deployment
The biggest strength of Vee Technologies is its own Sona College, it has over 10,000 students including MBA and P.HD .We use Sona College as a fertile recruiting ground to ensure access to top talent and as a proving ground to test many of our internal processes before setting them into a production environment at Vee Technologies
The big advantage of IT firms is their ability to employee from offshore, as physical interaction with client is not very significant, with technologies coming up. This reduce the cost of engagement and it also helps the company to recruit from a vast talent pool, rather than a fixed one.
Vee Technologies is training employees about the design thinking which is a user centric one and also making internal processes much simpler.

Physical Evidence:
Being in service industry, the evidence for VEE technologies is not only about the number of product it sells, but also customer satisfaction. Revenue of Vee Technologies, to sustain its daily operations, manage its clients is significant evidence. Vee technologies is fasting growing firm in the US. Hugh variety of services, partnership with the clients for long term business success and number of new clients coming up is an important aspect.


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