Level Critically describe each model and identify the

Level Critically describe each model and identify the

Level Three Examination February 2010 MK325: Marketing Communications 1 ____________________________________________________________ ________________ Instructions: Time allowed: 3 Hours Rubric: You are required to answer FOUR questions from a total of EIGHT Nature of examination: unseen Allowable material: none Question 1 Due to the recession, your Finance Director wants to cut the advertising budget for the FMCG brand you have responsibility for in favour of more sales promotions.Justify, in memo format, why he shouldn’t cut the budget. Question 2 It is said that ‘all publicity is good publicity’.

Do you agree with this hypothesis? Discuss using examples. Question 3 The UK Government recently announced that it intends to lift the ban on product placement on television in the UK. Explain why the government has made this move and how it will result in increased sales for brands advertised in this way. Question 4Describe the process of creative briefing.

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What information must be provided to an agency before the creative process can begin? Provide examples to illustrate your answer. Question 5 There are two major academic schools of thought regarding how advertising works. Critically analyse both schools by referring to some of the advertising we viewed in the lectures and provide your own opinion as to how advertising works for an industry of your choice. Question 6BOGOF (Buy One Get One Free) promotions are popular in UK supermarkets but they have been heavily criticised for leading to food wastage.

Critically discuss whether BOGOFs should be banned in the UK or whether they should be replaced by BOGOLs (Buy One Get One Later). Question 7 There are four main models of public relations. Critically describe each model and identify the men behind their innovation.

Question 8 Critically describe the various brand strategy alternatives open to brand owners. Provide examples to illustrate your answer.

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