Marilyn Robinson Instructor Crockett Basic English II

Marilyn Robinson Instructor Crockett Basic English II

Marilyn Robinson
Instructor Crockett
Basic English II, BO1
March 21, 2018
Fathers Taking Paternity Leave
President William Clinton signed the family Medical Leave Act in 1993, which states that employees are allowed up to twelve weeks of unpaid leave to care for their newborn child while this is important for new mothers to.Men should also be able to take paternity leave from work.

To begin, allowing men to have paternity leave will help build a bond with their child. Fathers who have a stronger bond with their child helps the child by giving them a better environment to grow up in. When a woman gives birth to a child it is emotionally and physically draining. While the father is off he can begin to receive the experience of fatherhood while the mother rests. This allows the father to learn how to bathe, soothe, feed, and clothe the baby. Another benefit of paternity leave involves bonding between the mother and father; this will help bring the relationship closer. If the mother and father have additional children at home the older siblings can receive plenty of attention.

In addition, dads always get bad reputations when it comes to parenting. Society feels that dads are not as caring when it comes to their kids. Paternity leave offers fathers a chance to learn the importance of parenthood which can change the perception of dads. Paternity leave is a practice lesson that helps fathers know what it is like to be a better parent.
Finally, most fathers feel unprepared before the baby is born. The father feels as if he may not be a good enough dad to his child .To help build confidence the father can open up to other fathers that have more experience with kids. Once the father gains confidence he will become better in his parenting skills. Taking care of the family and raising kids will help the dad know he did the right thing.
To conclude, every father should have the choice to take paternity leave from work after the birth of their child. The life lessons the father learned from taking care of their child will pay off with memories. Promoting the use of paternity leave can be the basis of equality in the home and workplace.


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