Lowell the last time he didn’t bet

Lowell the last time he didn’t bet

Lowell PoliceMy independent project was done on a whimsical basis. It’sthanksgiving eve and my family and I are all gathered around watching football.The Redskins and Cowboy’s are all tied up, and my uncle is on the verge ofhaving a nervous breakdown. A diehard Cowboys fan, who can’t even remember whenwas the last time he didn’t bet on a game.

Mom and dad are still eating, whilemy aunt recites a thanksgiving song for all the uninvited guests. The door bellrings, and what do you know it’s the Lowell Police. Officers Bob Jacob andWilliam Gould stop by on their neighbor-hood patrol. My aunt invities them infor some coffee, and they end up eating the rest of our thanksgiving dinner.

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For some strange reason I think of Sociology.( Do you think they’ll arrest me ifI asked them too.)I asked if they had some spare time to indulge me in myexperiment, and they were delighted to do so. (This also gave me a chance toshow my parents I was actually doing something productive in school.) Theyplaced the hand-cuffs on me and read me my rights. I have to admit the wholething was quite funny, but I would never want it to happen in a real situation.

The cuffs where killing me, but I took it like a man. They gave me a ridearound the block where I had the chance to ask them a few questions.1.

What made you want to become a cop?2. How do you feel about kids and our constant drug problem?3. Do you think certain laws should apply to certain situations?4. Do you feel you are making a significant contribution to society?5. What’s the number one crime you constantly encounter?Bob became a cop because it was a family thing. William became a copbecause he thought he could make a difference, and he lost a brother so I didn’tpush the subject any further.

As for drugs, both agreed that they enforce nodrugs to the letter of the law. From a joint to an once it’s all the same. Therepercussions vary, but that’s not their job, they leave it up for the courts todecide what type of steps should be taken.

They do admit at times to scarringkids, saying that their going away for a long time, and basically just beingmore lenient. When I asked if they thought killing someone in self defense waswrong, they replied if you can’t call us first then by all means do anythingnecessary to escape.Both agreed they feel better when they have done a goodnights job, but wish more could be done to ensure people a right to live as theywish no matter where that might be. The number one crime in committed in Lowellis drug dealing and abuse.

As a matter of fact Lowell was rated number one inthe country in this category. Just recently the biggest drug bust in NewEngland was reported there. This just goes to show what these men and womenencounter every night when they put on that uniform.

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