Lorenzo Quinn’s Support Sculpture One of the major environmental issues of our time is global warming

Lorenzo Quinn’s Support Sculpture One of the major environmental issues of our time is global warming

Lorenzo Quinn’s Support Sculpture
One of the major environmental issues of our time is global warming. Although many problems may come from global warming, one of the main and most obvious problems is rising sea levels. Recently, the words “climate change” as well as “global warming” are found just about everywhere and artists like Lorenzo Quinn are more popular than ever. Lorenzo Quinn is an Italian artist who built a massive sculpture named, Support. Support, consists of two enormous hands that appear to be emerging from the Grand Canal in Venice, Italy and seem to be supporting as well as bracing a Ca’ Sagredo Hotel wall.
The purpose of Lorenzo Quinn’s sculpture Support is to bring awareness to climate changes in the city that has caused water levels to rise in the canal.

Fig. 1. Quinn, Lorenzo. “Support.” Http://Www.supportatvenice.com/About, 13 May 2017.
The location in which Lorenzo Quinn chose to install his sculpture Support, speaks volumes. Visitors from all around the world chose to travel to Venice because of the culture, history, food, buildings and art. There is a web of canals all throughout the city. People have the choice to experience the city by boat, bicycle, or by foot. To get around the city, people use water buses instead of taxis. Quinn chose to install Support on one of the main waterways in Venice where it would be difficult to miss.
The placement of the hands resting against the Ca’ Sagredo Hotel, have a double meaning. The hands appear to be supporting the wall while at the same time appear to be powerful enough to destroy that same wall. Support, gives off hope as it attempts to hold up the building above water and at the same time it evokes fear, as it focuses on the delicate state of the situation. Quinn chose hands as his inspiration because it is well known that hands are one of the most difficult parts of the human body to draw. He decided to take on the challenge of sculpting hands because he believed that they held so much power. To him, they hold the power to love, hate, create, and destroy.
Besides Quinn’s intent to provoke both fear and hope, the artwork also has a personal meaning to him. As a father of three children, their future is important to Quinn. He became genuinely concerned about his children’s generation and the world in which they would live in. Support is modeled after one of his children’s hands. The purpose of Support, is to relay a message to people in a clear, easy and straight forward matter over the innocent hands of a child. Support, carries a strong message, which is that together we can make a difference in something that affects us all, climate change.
Support, serves as wake-up call to the real threat of rising sea levels that cities like Venice are facing. The sculpture serves as a reminder of the damage that society has caused on the environment. The city of Venice has been sinking for decades and the effects of global warming are only getting worse. Support, serves as a plea to action by making everyone take notice and take responsibility for the catastrophic and irreversible effects of climate change. Like the hands that represent both the ability to destroy or save, society should start looking for ways to save the environment rather than to continue to damage it.

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