Category: the brand benefit of “Delays Signs of

Category: the brand benefit of “Delays Signs of

Category: L’Oreal is known with its hair care and skincare products. Their products are personal, beauty and very high tech. Plenitude is one of the L’Oreal’s first ventures beyond the hair care and cosmetics.

The Plenitude consisted of moisturizer with the brand benefit of “Delays Signs of Aging”. In the U. S. A, more demand for moisturizer is expected and the company introduced the entire line which was the right action.

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According to perceptual map of Brand Imagery, the product could be considered at the line of technologically advanced item.However, the company’s research shows that many people do not know that Plenitude is a brand name under the L’Oreal. Company: L’Oreal is a French firm which was founded by the French chemist Eugene Schuller to develop and market his new process for haircoloring. Company’s strategy is based on “quality, innovation and geographic expansion”. The situation which is in 1995 sales of the company were 53. 4 billion from over 2000 products which were sold under 500 brand names in over 150 countries includes their three important focuses.

.However, they had problems in terms of making money still after 8 and 9 years because they gave more importance to some aspects which are not necessary for consumers so their cost also increased that prevent their making money. Competitor: Some of the biggest competitors of the company are Oil of Olay, Almay, Nivea, Ponds and Neutrogena. The market share of Plenitude is 0.

305 in 1991 while its relative market shares of 3. 273 pertain to Olay. So, Olay is in better condition.But Plentitude has more advantages compared to Ponds or other competitors.

Oil of Olay was considered light and reasonable priced by acceptors it is seen as the traditional and general brand. Pond is also seen as reliable, accessible and reasonable priced but its imagery was older. Customers: The goal of the company was to sell product in the department store and specialty store channels. They sold to both beauty salons and direct to consumers in mass outlines.Thus, they were successful at expanding their boundaries in terms reaching different types of customers. Consumers: Advertising tag line of the L’Oreal such as “Delays Signs of Aging” makes people think like that product is talking to old women. This idea could be a reason why they are not making money because this idea decreases its target market.

The 54 percent of Plenitude users are considered as some who are not concerned about price and want effective product that reduces signs of aging and also some who pay attention to both rice and natural ingredients. This situation is very significant for the company because this kind of consumers, who give importance to effective products and ingredients of the products, became loyal to company. According to perceptual map of brand user imagery, consumers of L’Oreal are considered as people who are between the ones that like to spend money on themselves and are Romantic Feminine in their 40’s. this perception could be negative for the company because it narrows target customers of the company.

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