Thesis:In or wrong, so they have to become

Thesis:In or wrong, so they have to become

Thesis:In The Lord of the Flies, William Golding suggests the decline of order leads to anarchy and chaos.

Blue Print:The decline of order reveals the animalistic instincts of savagery, their lack of conscience, and the inability to entertain rational thought, causing an uprising of destruction. Common Denominator:Ways in which the decline of order results in anarchy and chaos.Topic Sentences:1. Without the former structure of their daily lives the boys are unable to entertain rational thought.a.The boy’s have to now rationalize their thoughts pertaining to enjoying themselves on the island without getting out of line.1.

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“We’ve go to have rules and obey them. After all, we’re not savages.”(32)A.At the beginning the boy’s believe that if they have rules and follow them that they will be okay and get rescued.

b.The boy’s are not in a civilized area with adults to tell them what’s good, bad, right, or wrong, so they have to become adults in a short period of time when they are still very much children.1.”There’s another thing we can help them to find us. If a ship comes near the island they might not notice us. We must make a fire.”(38)A.

Ralph had grownup some and he has to think rationally.B.They ponder on how to make a fire.

2.”His specs-use them as burning glasses!”(40)A.Not only was Ralph’s idea of the fire a critical attempt to save everyone, it also helped to gain more respect and responsibility.B.Jack suggests the idea of using Piggy’s glasses to light the fire.C.

Although the fire provides that the children are not able to govern themselves, the conch symbolizes the growing hope and potential that people have to advance.c.At first the boy’s thought rationally before doing something wrong and felt guilty if they did, but later the savagery engulfs the boys and they feel no fear or guilt.

1.”I hit him all right. The spear stuck in. I wounded him!”(125)A.Ralph is now feeling the power that Jack feels when he hunts.

2.”Right up her ass.”(135)A.Roger is now showing the evil that is in all of the boys, but has not been presented yet.B.Roger is raping this pig even though she is already in agonizing pain he still does it.

C.He feels no guilt but only pleasure.D.This is showing his savagery. 2. Without an orderly system of discipline the boy’s lack of conscience starts to be more prominent.a.

The boys have no civilization or supervision to relate to so they realize what that they can get away with anything without punishment.1.The death of Simon symbolizes the loss of religious reasoning, ” Kill the beast! Cut his throat! Spill his blood!”(141).

In this quote a figure had crawled out of the forest and the circle of the boy’s had open to let it inside, not knowing it was Simon the boy’s attack it stabbing it with their sticks, clawing it and biting it.A.When Jacks tribe finds out that it was not a beast that it was Simon they did not feel any penitence to what they had done killing was now what they did and they soon accepted it. b.

The boys soon realize they can have a major affect on the other boys in a bad manor without feeling guilty, having this power makes them feel so powerful by the end of the book the boy’s power has consumed them so much that they can not control it.1.”Shut up”, said Ralph absently (22).

His forcefulness gains respect and a confident response from the others. 2.”Ralph smiled and held up the conch for silence”(23).A.The conch is mentioned and referred as one of symbols of such power.B.

Everyone feels that Ralph is there leader and that they are compelled to follow him in everything he does. C.This show’s his power over the other boys.c.With no adult supervision the boys start to become more savage like, this soon becomes second nature to the young uneducated boys.1.Piggy often say’s that the boy’s act like “a crowd of children”(25).

2.He says, “Grownups know things. They ain’t afraid of the dark.

They’d meet and have tea and discuss. Then things ud be all right.” A.

The boy’s aren’t adults yet. They can’t get together and discus their problems that they were stranded on the island on the island in the first place.B.

If the boys did decide to discus something and they came to an agreement it would never stick. 3. Do to the lack of restrictions that are normally imposed upon the boys, their animalistic instincts surface and cause great conflict and further chaos.a.This repetition of anarchy and chaos surfaces threw the boys lack of conscious.

b.The more the boys got use to living in savagery the more power they realized they had and the affect it had on the other boys which caused the more prominent showing of chaos which created more chaosEtc.c.As time passed during this chaotic stage the more out of hand the boys became malicious and lost a sense of kindness toward the other boys which was once an instinct to them.

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