Looking back at my chosen individuals current diet there is a lack of fruit and vegetables

Looking back at my chosen individuals current diet there is a lack of fruit and vegetables

Looking back at my chosen individuals current diet there is a lack of fruit and vegetables, this was one of the main things I thought about when creating an ideal diet plan. Instead of the individual eating chocolates and sweets they can swap these foods with fruits and vegetables, which would fill them up more leading to them consuming less unnecessary calories and will be better for their health and body. Eating more fruits and vegetables will give their body more nutrition and will provide energy for her brain, in the diet plan I included fruit and veg in every day and tried to add vegetables to every meal, eating five a day is important because fruit and veg provide us with important vitamins and minerals, they can also help protect you against diseases by improving your immune system. Fruit and vegetables can help to reduce the risk of heart disease, stroke and some cancers, they also help contribute to a healthy and balanced diet, fruits and vegetables are low in calories this will help individuals lose weight or keep their weight balanced if they don’t need to lose weight.
Something else I noticed was missing for my chosen individuals diet was the lack of breakfast on none of the days I recorded did the individual eat breakfast. Breakfast is the food that help kick start your metabolism this helps you burn more calories throughout the day allowing you to consume more without gaining extra weight. Breakfast is linked to improving health it can lead to having better memory and concentration due to the energy provided, it can lower the chances of diabetes and obesity this is because it helps you burn calories. Skipping breakfast can cause you to have less energy in the mornings as you body is not provided with any sugar and affects your concentration when working or at school, studies show individuals who eat breakfast are more likely to understand morning teaching a school and are able to get more work done. Not eating breakfast will cause you to be hungrier increasing the chances of you have cravings and will often cause people to consume more junk food for example, chocolates, crisps and sweets. Eating breakfast also provides your body with nutrients, providing you with vitamins and minerals not eating breakfast can cause an individual to not consume all the nutrients they need. Not eating breakfast can also lead to an individual eating under the daily calorie intake guide this can been seen in the individual I chose diet on day two they consumed 1,112 this is 888 calories under the recommended calorie intake for a woman this can have an impact on nutritional health and overall health, not eating enough calories will cause the body to cannibalize muscle this causes weight lossis an individual continues to under eat calories they will drop to an unhealthy weight this has an impact on overall health as it will be harder for the immune system to protect the body against illnesses and diseases.
Looking at my chosen individuals regular diet you can see they consume foods from fast food places like McDonalds and Burger King.


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