Look of this family and awakens your mind

Look of this family and awakens your mind

Look Homeward, Angel Review (Final draft, 5th essay)A culturally enriching experience is an experience that is related to the arts and an intellectual activity, which makes you become a better person or makes you feel you have become a better person. Also, a culturally enriching experience is when you allow yourself to become more educated on a certain topic and it improves yourself. I feel the theatre, through plays, gives people a culturally enriching experience. By sitting in the audience and becoming involved in the play we are able to place ourselves in the shoes of the characters on the stage. We relate our own lives to theirs.

Through this and the fact that when we go to see a play we are broadening are horizons allows us to have a culturally enriching experience. The play, Look Homeward, Angel, relates to my meaning of a culturally enriching experience. In the play there is this family who goes through many problems, an alcoholic father, a crazy mother, and a dieing son. With these problems audience members are able to relate to the pain and suffering that this family is experiencing. It is not that you can relate exactly to their problems, but the audience member knows what it feels to have family struggles. As I sat there watching the play, I became very emotional because I was able to relate myself to the youngest son because I, too, am the youngest in my family and know what it feels like to always be the one joked on or have a mother who takes up all her strength to finally let you go and become an adult.This play also shows people how the times where during that period and how money was a major struggle.

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The play, for two hours, makes you feel apart of this family and awakens your mind with knew knowledge, allowing for an experience that is culturally enriching.When it comes to recommending Look Homeward, Angel I definitely recommend it to men and women of all ages. It is a comedy/tragedy that grabs you from the moment the play starts. When I went to see the play I do not think that there was a dry eye in the audience. Even grown men who I thought never cried were crying their eyes out.

If you are looking for a play to take the whole family to I recommend Look Homeward, Angel. It is a play that everyone can relate to and find some sort of enjoyment out of it.Bibliography:

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