Jimmy a buttery musk after taste. Sauces

Jimmy a buttery musk after taste. Sauces

Jimmy Stephens ENG101: Descriptive essay Ms. Piccirillo 23 Sep. 2011 Juicy Southern Steaks Inviting atmosphere, attentive wait staff, and excellent food are the essence of a wonderful dinning experience. Finding all three of these in a restaurant is difficult to come by, but not impossible. LongHorn Steak house exceeds in all these areas. LongHorn Steak house achieves a 10/10 for an awesome dinning experience. LongHorn is well known for their warm, inviting, southern hospitality.

The decor goes from vintage cowboy pictures to robust mounted cow sculls to make guests feel as if they stepped into an authentic old country steakhouse. Lighting is dim to allow certain ease on their guests and to show off the dark desertisc color scheme. Colors such as pastel oranges with cream whites covering tables along with sandy looking walls followed by royal golden chandler’s dangling from the dark celling. All of this combines into one respectable looking restaurant.

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Along with a relaxing decor, LongHorns staff provides excellent service with a smile. While first entering staff will politely greet each guest, making the guests feel “wanted”. Greetings aside, the host will then gingerly walk guests to an appropriate booth, allowing the guests to soak in the atmosphere.

When guests are comfortable and situated, a confident, enthusiastic waiter appears. There job is to insure the guest’s needs and wants are completely met with speed and efficiency. Stephens 2 Outstanding service can only go so far without decadent foods.LongHorn Steak house provides their guests with the finest cuts of beef and other favorites for the not so steak crazed guests. The menu includes; choice chicken breast dishes served with a fresh backed potato, delicious sea food assortments such as lobster or shrimp dishes served with butter based sauces, and of coarse their delectable, juicy, rip, steaks.

The price ranges for these dishes are all reasonable with the most expensive dish at $30. There’s a sort of magic in the air when guests receive their first grill scoured steak.The smell is almost uplifting, little bit of garlic, herbs, spices and the smell of a steak grilled to perfection.

It tastes better then it smells with its crispy outer and tender inside with a buttery musk after taste. Sauces aren’t needed with steaks like these. LongHorn Steak house provides guests with inviting atmosphere, attentive wait staff, and excellent food. They take pride in there steaks and it shows throughout the whole restraint. LongHorn Steak house achieves a 10/10 for an awesome dinning experience.

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